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Smart Sight Innovations’(SSI) integrated CRM management system will help CRM companies to rationalize valuable information for improving their relationship with customers significantly; it will increase customer retention rate, and drive sales growth to new heights.

Our open source CRM applications have been customized strategically with industry specific understanding of CRM services. It enables enterprises to derive benefits from our integrated CRM solutions while using our cloud based CRM consultancy and enables them to:

Minimize operating costs and achieve faster ROI

Minimize operating costs and achieve faster ROI

Focus on insightful decisions by scientific segmentation

Focus on insightful decisions by scientific segmentation

Accelerate productivity by improving workflow

Accelerate productivity by improving workflow

Shift focus to CRM strategic services for customer retention

Shift focus to CRM strategic services for customer retention

Why Smart Sight Innovations?

Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise
Integration Expertise
Integration Expertise
Faster Time to Rollout
Faster Time to Rollout
Mobility and Analytics
Mobility & Analytics

How SSI’s Customized CRM solutions help?

Clean and Modern Design

Provides clean and modern design to look more professional to your customers and helps improve business performance simultaneously.

Powerful Project Management Feature

Powerful Project Management Feature to manage and invoice projects.

Support system

Sturdy support system to track and resolve issues quickly via the integrated ticket system and scheduled customer reminders.

Build Estimates and Invoices

Build professional, distinguishable estimates and invoices.

Track Task Time

Track task time and bill your customers. Assign multiple staff members on task and track time and cost per assigned staff.

Keep Track of Leads

Keeps track of leads, organizes in stages and follows progress on actions by changing stages. Auto-import of leads from email. Adds notes, creates proposals.

Create Proposals

Creates impressive proposals for leads or customers and increasesprospect to sales conversion ratio.

Accounting Records of Project Expenses

Accounting records of project expenses and enables auto conversion to invoicing to your customers.

Integrated CRM Analytical Tools

Integrated CRM analytical tools to improve upon customer retention via built-in Surveys.

Track Goals

CRM software tracks Goals to provide feedback to sales teams at regular intervals.

Announcement For Staff and Customers

Generate suitable announcements for your staff and customers.

Contract Feature

Uses Contracts feature to lock in current sales and ensure future sales.

Receive Payments

Receives payments through professional reputed payment gateways in different currencies.

Follow Up Reminders

Follow up reminders, generates reports, highlight notes, and many useful features.

Combination Of Diverse Options

Combinations of diverse options for Announcements, Reports, Reminders, Feedbacks, Customization for your CRM Strategies.