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In today’s world of infinitesimal attention spans, a Customer Relationship Management software is a necessity to automate business processes and create custom solutions that drive business growth and effective customer engagement. The days of remembering every key piece of information from customer interactions and meetings is way past, and CRMs are powerful tools to build robust processes, sales and follow-ups, and to monitor key metrics for customer communications, sales and marketing numbers and critical business tasks.

As per statistics, the average return on investment for a CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent and a CRM increases sales by up to 29%, improves productivity by up to 34% and can increase revenue by 41%!

Smart Sight Innovations is an established CRM development company with a professional team of developers and an envious track record of building CRM software solutions for businesses of varying sizes across industry segments that helps them manage a large amount of data with gratifying customer interactions. If you are looking for a technology partner to reduce the complexity of your business processes, contact Smart Sight Innovations for CRM development services.

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CRM Software Solutions

Account Management

Gain 360-degree visibility with complete activity history on your custom dashboard

Sales Data Management

Smooth assimilation of extensions & plugins to get real time sales data

Lead Management

Create, maintain, and manage lead and customer information from various channels

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Enable personalized customer communication across multiple touchpoints

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Build custom reports and enable proactive management with dashboards to display information that is important for your business

Seamless Email

Supercharge your task management with email integrations that track each task to completion

Automate Processes

Automate critical business processes such as invoicing, quote generation & periodic reminders

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Industries Catered

Travel & Aviation

Travel & Aviation

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

E-learning & Ed-tech

E-learning & Ed-tech

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Our CRM Software Development Process



Our highly skilled team understands your business needs and objectives for the product, along with other necessary aspects such as its primary tasks, strengths & operational requirements, the hallmark of a professional CRM development company.



Our team then puts together the best CRM software solution for your specific business needs and keeps you up to date on every step of product implementation.

Design & Development

Design & Development

Once the solution is finalized and signed off by you, our team designs, develops and tests the product module wise and takes your feedback to make any changes if required.



The final product after comprehensive testing is then deployed with training provided for each module along with necessary support.

Why Choose SSI for your CRM Software Development Services?

Enhanced customer experience
Easy integration with email
Accelerate conversions
Measure marketing impact
Seamless collaboration across business verticals
Increased revenue
Improved lead management
Secure your data on cloud
Informed cross selling of products to interested customers
Advanced data analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management software helps organizations to manage its contacts and relationships with stakeholders, both external and internal, such as email subscribers, sales leads, existing customers, business associates and employees.

Custom CRM application development refers to building a CRM as per the needs of a specific business by integrating and including specific functionalities and tools based on the business sector and other aspects.

Any organization (of any size) – that has any of the departments, from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development can benefit from a good CRM. It helps manage internal & external relationships by storing all customer & vendor information and tracking all tasks to closure.

An effective CRM software – with task tracking abilities – helps enhance key business processes & improves productivity of marketing, sales & customer support teams. Its automation capabilities help businesses meet sales targets & increases customer loyalty.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, CRM application development helps reduce operational costs by increasing productivity, improving service quality, boosts performance, leads to a larger customer base, and most importantly increases sales volumes.

CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company’s revenue, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team communication. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps.

A CRM system essentially provides a central place where businesses can create secure databases to store customer data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers, helping the business to grow.

A few scenarios when businesses need a CRM are when they are unable to keep up with the lead flow, customer data is hard to locate, to streamline sales process and track performance, improve customer service, manage long term valuable clients, or when reporting takes too much time.

There are 3 main types of CRMs – operational (streamlines company processes and guides the entire customer journey), collaborative (connect members of different teams within the organization in real time through mobile apps) and analytical (perform deep and critical analysis of customer data).

Some of the technologies used to develop effective CRM systems are Java, Oracle, NoSQL and JavaScript

A CRM can help maximize business performance by increasing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, improving internal and external communications, improve customer satisfaction, retention and revenue and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour by implementing Big Data and IoT solutions. 

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