A Platform Company

Based in US, Smart Sight’s Client is a Platform company at its core and offers services in the areas of IoT, AI and Blockchain primarily around its product suite. It look at these technologies not as discrete capabilities but as a continuum towards the development and operations of small digital assets.


About the Project

The Project involved developing Vehicle Inspection Android based Mobile App. This thorough and extensive vehicle inspection app makes sure that car inspection technicians conduct all the necessary inspections and repairs during the inspection process. The solution is paper-less and proved to be more efficient in capturing and analyzing inspection data which is kept in BlockChain. The development focus was emphasized on automating the inspection process.



• Smart Sight’s role in this Project was to develop the frontend of the Website. The Backend and all the other aspects of the website was the responsibility of the client.

• Used Android Studio & Java for native android app development with backend developed in HyperLedgerblockchain.

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