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Smart Sight Innovations is an android mobile app development company that believes in creating excellent mobile apps by encapsulating the client’s challenges and ideas. From established brands to first-time entrepreneurs, we believe in delivering the best solutions that contribute to our client’s success story.

Companies spend hundreds of dollars on a daily basis to acquire new users for their mobile applications. However, in most cases, users avail the discount as well as other one time benefits and uninstall the app. This is where the importance of design, quality, and user-engagement come into the picture.

The Android app needs to become the business’s identity and a tool to generate revenue instead of ending up becoming a liability for the brand. Thus, from design to deployment, our developers offer equal attention to all the processes. Rather than merely testing the high-end features during the quality check, our engineers ensure that the software does not have any factors that can influence users to uninstall the app after using it for a few days.

Adopting the technological advancements helps us to stay ahead in the business that continually changes direction due to ever-changing technology. Of course, every application delivers the key features and functions. But, we believe in developing apps that go one step further and offer a unique ‘experience’ that urges the users to open it often. Thanks to our team’s dedication, hard work, and positive feedback from clients, we are considered one of the best android mobile app development companies in the country.


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Android Application Development Services

Smart Sight Innovations offers complete Android Application Development Services that can help a business unlock its real potential.

The penetration of 4G mobile networks and Android-powered smartphones has grown exponentially during the last two years. According to statistical portal Statista, more than 85.9 percent of the smartphones around the world are powered by the Android operating system. Thus, Android applications offer business opportunities that even iOS apps cannot.

The rich visual experience is not just limited to the large screen anymore. The superbly designed application allows companies to directly reach the customer and offer superior experience with personalized user-interface. This is something that cannot be achieved even with a presence on Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, or Target because they treat every seller equally.

Currently, there are hundreds of food, health care, education, banking, transportation, travel, and online retail companies that have adopted the ‘app-only strategy’ for their business. Not just in the United States, but several startups in developing countries like India and China also sell their products only through mobile applications.

At Smart Sight Innovations, our engineers have assisted several organizations with ‘app-only strategy.’ We can develop games, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, utilities, travel, books, health, and fitness, as well as food and drink apps under the same roof. Clients can get firsthand experience about the quality of our services by downloading some of our best-developed solutions. As an android mobile app development company, we single-handedly manage everything from developing to deployment; our clients do not need to deploy their resources for anything.

Custom Android App Development

We consider custom android app development as our specialty. Creating apps with the same old templates may not be a good idea for some businesses. On the other hand, a custom application can be tailored to suit the company’s business model. May it be Java, Kotlin, C++, Python, C#, CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, you name it! We have multiple specialists for every coding language in our team of android application developers.

Our specialists look at custom app development projects as something that offers an opportunity to turn promising concepts into mobile applications. To avoid difficulties, we involve the client in every aspect; right from selecting technical specifications to deploying the custom designed app. At our android mobile app development company, experts simplify the complicated and convoluted development process for non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

We start with the discussion about the client’s requirements concerning specifications, features, functional requirements, and the ultimate goal for the application. We decide the technology and framework to be used and create a basic design for the app’s coding and programming. Then, a layout is generated based on the blueprints before starting the work on the seamless application. The software is passed through multiple QA inspections to ensure there are no defects and the app does not crash during the trial period.

In this super-competitive era, multiple applications fail to rise above the hundreds of apps launched on a daily basis. Thus, our team also focuses on aspects that can help the solution to increase its visibility on the Google Play store. If you are looking for a developer with a group of tech veterans to manage affairs, you should surely chat with our experts.

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