Smart Sight Innovations as a Big Data Development Company

Smart Sight Innovations’ Big Data Services delivers all round business intelligence that encompasses design & strategy, innovation & analytics to implement actionable observations that empower enterprises.

Our robust Big Data mechanisms, proven platforms and vast experience have accoutered us to support organizations to flourish in a data-driven world by providing practical, safe & agile solutions like data management, data warehouse implementation, real-time data integration, high volume data processing and reporting & analytics tailor made to leverage such high volumes of data.

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Our Big Data Development Services include

Big Data Collection

Accumulating different types of data from various sources to make them ready for processing

Big Data Assessment

Assessing big data to get an overview of the big data solutions requirements

Big Data Processing

Processing big data to execute the big data development solutions as per the business requirements

Big Data Execution

Executing big data solutions to monitor functions and reveal insights

Big Data Integration

Integrating big data solutions to deliver a unified view

Big Data Management

Managing big data to ensure data quality and accessibility for business intelligence

Big Data Consulting

Get expert big data consultation for scalable solutions to manage escalating data

Big Data Implementation

Implementing big data to improve decision making and facilitate practical performance improvement

Big Data Optimization

Optimize big data and expand business growth by making informed decisions

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Secure storage with periodic augmentation, Business Intelligence provisions and data archiving from multiple sources

Stream Analytics

Real-time data aggregation, storage and refinement allows for deep data mining using AI & machine learning processes

Custom Solutions

Get customized solutions for big data and transform business operations

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Industries Catered

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance



Education & E-Learning

Education & E-Learning



How SSI’s Big Data Development Helps?

  • Improved customer services & ROI
  • Optimal data analysis with state-of-the-art Big Data tech
  • Impregnable and flexile process flow
  • Secure data management and recovery
  • Understand data patterns using AI for predictive data information
  • Unified data platform to help businesses overcome challenges
  • Structure available data to improve product performance
  • Personalize customer reach by understanding behavioural patterns
  • Improve efficiency of business operations
  • Better decision making

Why Choose Smart Sight Innovations for Big Data Solutions?

Domain expertise
Proven track record
Integration expertise
Faster time to rollout
Mobility & analytics
World-class support
Happy customers

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