A service Provider for Vehicles

Vehicle Inspection Vendor - Involved in resolving vehicle servicing related conflict between Owner & Dealers / Repair Shops


About the Project

The Project involved developing a Vehicle Inspection Mobile App. This thorough and extensive A Vehicle Inspection app makes sure that car inspection technicians conduct all the necessary inspections and repairs during the inspection process. The solution is paper-less and proved to be more efficient in capturing and analyzing inspection data which is kept in BlockChain. The development focus was emphasized on automating the inspection process.

It’s a modern, electronic alternative to paper based A Vehicle Inspection forms. … Conduct inspections, submit photos, and add comments all from your mobile device. It covers Customer complaints in case they are not satisfied with the services provided.



Used Android Studio & Java for native android app development with backend developed in Hyperledger blockchain.

AreaTechnology UsedReason for Choosing this Technology
Mobile AppAndroid JavaAndroid provides native UI
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