Chemical Weekly

Chemical Weekly, publishes the Chemical Weekly Buyers' Guide which is considered as India's number one magazine for the chemical industry and trade.


Client Background:

An India based client, Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd., is a subsidiary of the Sevak Publications group). Chemical Weekly, publishes the Chemical Weekly Buyers’ Guide which is considered as India’s number one magazine for the chemical industry and trade.

Besides the chemical weekly guide, the company is involved in consulting, exhibitions, event organizing around the chemical and the other allied industries.

A weekly trade journal catering to the Indian chemical industry, Chemical Weekly has unfailingly served the cause of the chemical industry over the last 60 years. Chemical Weekly provides the most up-to-date news from India and round the globe, Government policies and how it can affect your business, Latest technological trends, Review articles on specific sectors of the industry, In-depth profiles on individual chemicals, New products & processes, Import/export statistics, Market prices of major chemicals, drugs, dyes & intermediates.


About the Project:

Chemical Weekly wanted to have a website URL:

This website provides the electronic version of their weekly trade journal. More importantly, the information about forthcoming events like exhibition /conferences /seminars details for Indian and international related to chemical industry & allied industries.

The Project is to make use of the latest technology to cater to the above; In the process improve the User Interface, the look and feel, the performance of the availability of the information to the website users.



The Scope of the work involved typically Requirement gathering, Designing and Developing the new website to replace the existing website which had several shortcomings.

4-member SSI team with a different technology background are involved.


Project Duration:

One+ year between 2016 and 2017.

As of November-2017, the website is currently under fag-end of User Acceptance testing and is expected to Go-Live in December-2017.


Business Problem faced before Implementation:

  • Although the Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd., had a website for the weekly publishing the technology used was not in line with the current technology trends.
  • There was no direct interface between the front end and the backend systems. Hence Updating of the database was time-consuming task for them
  • With the increasing client base, the website had performance issues to provide quick information demands.
  • The look and feel was not in line with the current market availability of websites across various other industries.

Business Benefits realized by client after Implementation:

  • The envisaged benefits are increased customer satisfaction because of the faster information availability and better UI of the website.
  • Projected Increase in the number of customer’s base seeking information in turn leading growth of business.
  • The weekly would offer every week, a judicious mixture of news, views and market information with the latest information
  • Provided online payment gateway facility for subscription. Previously the customers were paying by traditional means like Cheque/Demand Draft.
  • The feature of Attractive banner advertisement appearing at the various and relevant places helped Chemical Weekly to generate substantial additional revenues which is now Business as Usual.
  • Google Drive were fruitfully utilized to Save articles, and other documentation details. The feature enabled end user to search specific article using few keywords.
  • The introduction of the administrative features in the panel will enable the website admin team for easily maintain and support. Following the implementation, Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd team would be maintaining the website with their own staff and with bare minimum resources.



Waterfall was chosen as the requirements was clear upfront. The new website was primarily getting created to get technology benefits.



  • User Interface – Bootstrap
  • API – PHP
  • Front End – Angular2
  • Database – MySQL


Challenges Faced:

  • No major challenges except that during the initiation of the Project Bootstrap, Angular 2, which was being used as User Interface were relatively new and proficiency had to be built. To overcome these, services of the consultant who had expertise in this area was used.
  • The Client wanted to take advantage of the latest technology trends for the new website however the client had suggested that SSI while designing had to from end user’s viewpoint consider the previous website familiarity.


Critical Success Factors:

  • Solid Domain Knowledge and working with the Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd. Business. This helped especially in requirement understanding and testing phase of the website creation.
  • A good relationship with representatives of Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd.