Chemical Weekly

Chemical Weekly, publishes the Chemical Weekly Buyers' Guide which is considered as India's number one magazine for the chemical industry and trade.


About the project

An India based client, Chemical Weekly Database P. Ltd., is a subsidiary of the Sevak Publications group. Chemical Weekly, publishes the Chemical Weekly Buyers’ Guide which is considered as India’s number one magazine for the chemical industry and trade.

Besides the chemical weekly guide, the company is involved in consulting, exhibitions, event organizing around the chemical and the other allied industries.

A weekly trade journal catering to the Indian chemical industry, Chemical Weekly has unfailingly served the cause of the chemical industry over the last 60 years. Chemical Weekly provides the most up-to-date news from India and round the globe, Government policies and how it can affect your business, Latest technological trends, Review articles on specific sectors of the industry, In-depth profiles on individual chemicals, New products & processes, Import/export statistics, Market prices of major chemicals, drugs, dyes & intermediates.

This website provides the electronic version of their weekly trade journal. More importantly the information about forthcoming events like exhibition /conferences /seminars detail for Indian and international related to chemical industry & allied industries.

The Project is to make use of the latest technology to cater to the above; In the process improve the User Interface, the look and feel, the performance of the availability of the information to the website users.

The Scope of the work involved typically Requirement gathering, Designing and Developing of the new website to replace the existing website which had several shortcomings.

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