IOT Development Company

As an IOT Development Company, we at Smart Sight Innovations believe the technology has the potential to reshape several industries.

Simply put, IoT is a network consisting of multiple devices, sensors, software integrated as parts of a single system. From unlocking new disruptive business models, digitizing organizational operations, to offering a never before customer experience, IoT has a lot in store. Our expert team of engineers keeps an eagle’s eye on the IoT technologies available around the world.

IoT plays a vital role in the functioning of smart devices like car, lights, home appliances, and even the main gate of the property that can be controlled with a smartphone app. But, when it comes to businesses, IoT plays a different role. It offers rich real-time data that can drastically improve the work efficiency. Internet of Things solution(s) helps companies for efficient planning by highlighting organizational inefficiencies. Creating rational maintenance plans from predictions for possible system breakdowns can help in reducing downtown as well as offer a reduction in maintenance cost as well.

Systems that correctly bind devices and sensors are the need of the hour. The IoT app needs to integrate with other corporate solutions in the organization and work as a team. Thus, integration, flexibility, and consistency are essentials when it comes to the strategy used in developing IoT apps. Depending on the Internet of Things requirements of our clients, Smart Sight Innovations offers industry-specific IoT based bug fixing and performance restoring solutions. Our iot app development engineers can design solutions that ensure high operability with the customization of the machine to machine traffic.


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Internet of Things Development

We happen to be one of the very few Internet of Things Development companies in India that have designed apps for industries to automate and monitor complex manufacturing processes.

From aviation, manufacturing, pharma, insurance, administration, to the retail sector, almost every industry has embraced IoT.

Today, solutions developed by iot mobile app development firm can help in monitoring the airline’s maintenance equipment; and offer a live view along with location details for each machine. Such systems result in process improvement, cost savings, and ensures fulfillment of various tasks resulting in on-time flights.

Maintaining quality standards is crucial for medical supplies companies. The custom-made applications for the pharmaceutical industry help manufacturers to ensure that the effectiveness of critical medicines is retained by storing and transporting them under proper temperature.

During the next few years, insurance firms are set to immensely benefit due to the use of IoT networks consisting of geospatial applications, environmental sensors, and data mining wearables like wristbands or smart watches. Access to such insights about their consumers will help companies to offer ‘smart’ life insurance products.

Companies that offer administrative services to large corporates are saving millions as there’s no need to deploy workforce for manual checks on mouse traps, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, coffee machines, etc. The sensors in these devices keep on sending data on a real-time basis, thus, helps in deploying human resources accordingly.

Even the retail industry is benefitting. Stores use AI based video analytics with the help of IoT powered cameras to understand consumer behavior. If you are looking for an IOT Development Company that can design and deploy advanced solutions, you should surely connect with us.

Internet of Things Solutions

Smart Sight Innovations believes in developing Internet of Things Solutions that can help a business to revamp itself smartly.

Business Insider suggests, by 2020, companies around the world would invest as much as $70 billion towards developing Internet of Things solutions. We understand that IoT is set to trigger the next industrial revolution and the demand for high-quality Internet of Things applications is set to increase.

As an IOT Development Company, we empower large and small firms to connect with a plethora of devices even with a smartphone. Our engineers can develop end to end IoT solutions to work with connected factories, connected field service apps, connected vehicles, ‘smart’ hospitals, home automation systems as well as smart buildings. Internet of Things technology has taken the pain out of equipment management and maintenance, premise security, asset management, and data analytics.

No matter if you plan to develop health care, automotive, industrial IoT solutions, our engineers can implement the latest technology to offer excellent applications. Programmers use C, Java, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, and multiple other languages to develop apps as per client’s requirements. Our engineers get trained by industry experts from time to time. From creating an implementation strategy for IoT to designing 3D models for device twins, we offer end to end solutions that can suit your organization specific needs.

If you are looking for a firm with an expert team of engineers to develop iot solution and services, you should surely discuss your requirements with one of our engineers.