With more than 9 million developers and over a billion yearly downloads, Java is not only one of the most extensively used, but also one of the most popular open source languages to code.

Java is an architecture-agnostic, platform-autonomous, multi-threaded programming language. It is highly efficient for both desktop & web applications due to its stability, easy scalability and portability. Its potent features make it an ideal language to build critical enterprise-level applications as well as basic applications.

With the ever increasing importance of mobile-based and web-based applications, Java is most preferred for network apps and as a language for scripting mobile apps, web-based content, games, business software, that works harmoniously across operating systems.

Smart Sight Innovations has comprehensive experience in building robust, customer-focused and performance-oriented applications that have resulted in a plethora of custom-built products using integrated Java solutions to facilitate complete customer satisfaction.

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    Java Development Services

    Java Web Development

    Fast, safe and secure Java websites catering to multiple sectors.

    Java Mobile Development

    Best in class mobile development of applications, widgets and games for devices that run on Java SDK.

    Java J2EE Development

    Develop, integrate and deploy end-to-end J2EE applications.

    Java Desktop Application Development

    Multi-platform desktop applications using different tools and frameworks to provide custom user and graphical interfaces.

    API Development

    We build and integrate powerful, secure, structured, and well-documented APIs for Java-based web and mobile applications.

    Java Migration

    We help migrate your business platform to a Java-based framework via a smooth transition of data with complete reliability and security without interrupting your business operations.

    Java CMS Development

    Build platforms for managing, administering and maintaining website content efficiently.

    Java Development Tools & Frameworks


    A highly effective framework used for enterprise applications with important features for security and configuration.


    Hibernate is immensely useful for establishing database connections performing CRUD operations.


    A component based framework for server-based applications.


    Struts is a robust framework for configuration of efficient web applications.


    A Java framework that performs true to its name! This light-weight framework provides dynamic support for advanced configurations, logging and application metrics and much more.


    A full-stack framework which makes it easy to integrate your existing Java code with Grails.


    A customizable and configurable framework, which is especially useful in websites related to e-commerce.


    A platform that includes web components along with application starters and tools customizable for high performance desktop and mobile apps.

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    Java Development Process

    Client Brief

    • The client shares their business need with our team who then scrutinise the brief to share a development plan with the client.

    Model Selection

    • The client is given multiple models, their respective development time frames and tariffs for project development, from which the client chooses their preferred model.


    • Smart Sight Innovations develops the product as per client requirements upon the agreed terms.

    Testing & Delivery

    • After rigorous testing, our team delivers and deploys the product within strict timelines.

    Why Choose Us For Java Development

    Agile environment to meet the continuously changing & dynamic business requirements
    Offshore development based on business need and client’s requirements
    Extensive plug-in development
    Expertise in a range of technologies like J2EE, App Server, Frameworks, ORM, Web Server, CI, Code Repository, Maven, XML
    Provide server-side support and maintenance
    Enterprise applications and Java/J2EE development to Java CMS/Migration

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