A Product from Smart Sight Innovations to ease service/warranty related ticketing system from Smart Sight Innovations to ease service/warranty related ticketing system


About the SmartServ Product

SmartServ is a Product of Service/Warranty ticketing system to issue tickets by aiding service providers to track and resolve it.

The Solution which is available on Mobile App and Website have the following features –

• Allows consumer to create tickets from SmartServ app and track its progress. i.e. Help desk ticket resolution system through for entire lifecycle
• Ease for providers/field staff to view and act on issues reported by consumers in SmartServ app. Includes efficient reporting and feedback via app
• Simplifying managing of services – Ticket diagnostics with Dashboards
• Strong feature – Simple and Easy-to-use
• Comprehensive access control levels
• Configuration levels – User Interface, User, Client, Language
• Terminologies can be customized based on Client business




Technology Used­

Reason for Selection

User Interface

Angular / Java Scripts

Single Page Load

Mobile App

React Native

Single Code Base for both Android and iOS

Back End

Java Micro Services

Easy to Scale App.



Ease and Epertise

Amazon RDS –

AWS RDS backup mechanism is integrated with AWS service which eases things on backup and recovery

Back End Hosting

Amazon Web Services

High Avalability / Strong reputation

Leveraged the cross-platform technology i.e. React Native for both iOS & Android app

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