Strategy and operations consulting Company

It is a Washington D.C. USA based strategy and operations consulting firm focused on helping mission-driven organizations strengthen their management and operational capabilities to achieve social and public impact. It involves identifying inefficiencies and cutting through bureaucratic inertia, delivering tangible results and meaningful change.


About the Project

The US govt. has huge departments are many and because of big geographical region, the data that is associated is gigantic.

The Project involved creation of the tool of Data Mining. This involved filtering from the huge Database of US Federal Department Contracts on 35+ different parameters. This were not necessarily static as periodic updates used to come along. The solutions involved periodic scheduling of the process to verify of new updated data, downloading the relevant required data and importing on the amazon cloud server at the designated content services bucket.



1. User Interface – HTML, Bootstrap
2. Front End – PHP
3. Backend: Java Spring Boot
4. Database – MySQL

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