A complete guide to Magento App Development Services at Smart Sight Innovations

Magento is among the most-trusted open-source platforms in the world. There are more than 200,000 retailers in the world who run their website with this framework. Its flexible features and easy to use admin panel attracts non-technical users. It is full of exclusive features that assist in catalog-management, handling search engine optimization settings, and running advanced marketing campaigns.

The platform has just released a new version, Magento 2. This new version is available in three types – commerce, open-source, and commerce cloud. Depending on the features that developers or site administrators want, they can choose the required version of Magento 2.

What are Magento mobile apps?

We are currently witnessing a sea change in customer behavior across the globe due to the availability of super-fast 4G networks. People generally prefer using smartphones for streaming videos, music and web browsing. Customers are spending more time on their smartphones compared to their laptops or desktops.

Businesses should initiate maintaining conversion and sales percentage and commence offering a mobile app version of the online store. Many start-ups nowadays use the “app-only” strategy to attract a large bunch of customers. They have abandoned the desktop version to save administrative costs.

It is not an easy task to provide the best shopping experience on Android or iOS. Customers prefer taking a good look at the product before ordering it, so getting the best out of the screen real estate is highly crucial.

How does Magento mobile app development work

There are so many app builders and extensions available in the market that can convert your Magento store into an Android or iOS app. Also, Magento offers some in-house solutions under its progressive web application studio. But these in-house solutions cannot transform all the web features in mobile apps, so they are not very popular among the developers.

A Magento mobile app development company can assist you in selecting the best option. You need to consider the features that your store requires along with your budget.

Features of Magento mobile application development

Here we present some of the common as well as popular basic features provided by most of the third-party Magento store extensions.

Super-functional panel

With the font styles and theme colors available, it is possible to make your business’s online presence look promising and engaging. Even if people have limited coding knowledge, it is easy to control the store’s functionalities, the look, and the feel of the Magento mobile app.

The application runs well on devices of all screen sizes. So, you do not need to worry about the compatibility of the theme with the display size.

Admin can select intuitive layered navigation to ensure buyers search their favorite product with ease in moments. Same as the web version, the Magento app store also supports various types of products.

Order tracking feature for buyers

The seller can provide order-tracking as well as related notifications on mobile apps. The customers who are using the mobile app do not need to visit the website of the seller or call the customer care executive to check the order status. This feature provides an excellent shopping experience that encourages purchasers to revisit the store.

An exhaustive array

Most of the extensions offer analytical tools in the admin panel. It helps businesses keep track of conversions, traffic sources, and highlighting the items that keep buyers engaged.

User interface with multi-language support

If the seller wants to sell his/her product in various countries, the app store must offer multi-lingual support and Magento apps are programmed to display product descriptions in multiple languages. Apps also support assistance in RTL writing.

Hassle-free procedure to login and check-out

Many customers appreciate the social login feature in the application to save time. By using the Magento app, you can log in using your Google and Facebook profiles.

The application offers various payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayU and cash on delivery.

Virtual voice functionality

Virtual voice-assistants are trying to reach thousands of new homes every day. Web stores and apps need to be voice search friendly to make them future-proof. So, with the help of app extensions, companies can add advanced voice search functionality in Magento apps.

Personalized notifications

Stores can get much-needed attention with the use of push notifications. This feature helps a lot in product marketing because some users keep their notifications turned on to get exclusive offers and discount coupons.

Benefits of using Mobile App development solutions

Here are some benefits of using a mobile app development solution:

  • Flexible content management
  • Open source e-commerce platform
  • Versatile e-commerce development and cost-effective flexibility
  • Responsive configuration
  • Customized and advanced SEO
  • Robust and capacious mobile application
  • Embedded upsells and cross-sells
  • Third-party integration
  • Tailored permissions for security
  • Highly advanced search filtration
  • Widespread community
  • Massive library

Advantages of Smart Sight Innovations Magento app development services

Smart Sight Innovations offers the best Magento app development solutions. Few of the essential benefits of Magento application development include:

  • Delivery of iOS and Android app in a short time
  • Efficient caching keeping the user experience in mind
  • Integrated analytics
  • Magento apps are coded in native languages of iOS and Android that makes it easily upgradable

Support and service:

  • Consumers will get customization of the entire solution as per their needs
  • Integration of payment options as per the consumer’s choice
  • Complete documentation of integrating apps and plugins
  • Free bug fixes for six months after product delivery
  • Continued development support for the app at an affordable cost


Magento is one of the leading applications known for its advanced features. When it comes to Magento mobile app development, choosing a trustworthy vendor with experienced developers is an important decision. If you are searching for Magento app development solutions, feel free to get in touch with us today for a free quote!

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