NopCommerce – A Powerful ASP.Net based eCommerce Solution!

Talk of eCommerce solutions and names like Magento and WooCommerce spring to mind. The open-source platforms offer virtually everything to get an eCommerce store going. You have inventory, storefront, order tracking, shipments and payment gateways that can be built using these platforms. They are well entrenched and supported by a growing community of developers. In this scenario, it may seem that NopCommerce is rather late to the party. However, since it was first developed by Andrei Mazulnitsyn in 2009 it has earned a niche position. What distinguishes it from others is that it is based on ASP.Net. So far about 50000 eCommerce sites are powered by NopCommerce. 


NopCommerce does not lack in features. It compares with the best open-source platforms by way of catalog front end, shopping cart creation, administration tools, order processing, pricing, discount structures, taxes, and shipping. The developers went on to include templates in the package to make it easier for businesses to launch their eCommerce store at minimum cost with the help of Dot Net Development Company. Like its open-source counterparts, nopCommerce receives constant updates to make it better in terms of features and ease of use. It runs on IOS, Windows and Linux platforms. It is mobile-friendly too.  Though it is rooted in ASP.NET, nopCommerce is free to download, install and use with free support from the community. 

Set Up Your eCommerce Platform With NopCommerce

One superb facility in NopCommerce is that it is easy to set up an eCommerce platform that supports various storefronts and multiple vendors. This means you can create your own online marketplace with an administration panel to manage vendors. It is possible to create different URLs or simply allow multiple storefronts and vendors on a single URL. Couple this with rich mobile-friendly features that the ability to push offers and offer discount deals, it makes this a platform worth considering for launching eCommerce operations. You would need a Dot Net Application Development Company to customize features for you. There are unique features in that one can create product attributes across various parameters, compare products and manage inventory easily. In addition, it is easy to set prices for the same item in different ways according to customer sets. One can have rental products and licensed software sold through the NopCommerce platform. 

Search Engine Friendly Features 

If product listing, pricing and creating discount deals are attractive then the search engine optimized features are no less so. NopCommerce includes microdata and rich snippets that give more information on search results, breadcrumbs and localizable URL plus Google Analytics integration. This alone makes NopCommerce worthwhile for your corporate eCommerce website—you invest less in search engine optimization and yet get better rankings. 


This is one area where some eCommerce platforms rely on third-party payment integration whereas NopCommerce includes 50 payment methods and gateways assuring compatibility and easy acceptance by buyers in any part of the world. Since nopCommerce has exclusive arrangements with payment processors you get the benefit of better pricing. 

Customer Experience

Another very important aspect of eCommerce operations is how you deliver the customer experience. In this regard, nopCommerce stands out with a variety of customer service features such as a wishlist, external authentication, and full GDPR compliance. There is a live chat, customizable emails, private messages and the ability to track customer activity. 

Your Choice – SaaS or Downloadable

NopCommerce is free and can be availed as a free download after which you need Dot Net Development Services to custom create an eCommerce website for you. You can just as well avail of it as SaaS but even then you would want Dot Net Development Company to set up the store for you. 

To sum it up, NopCommerce is excellent in many different ways. It is modular, runs on the latest ASP.NET core and the site is fast in operations if it is set up properly by your Dot Net development services. You will find that it is just as suitable for small stores as it is for the B2B or B2C marketplaces. What your developer may recommend is that since it is layered on ASP.Net you have easy integration with all over Microsoft products plus better security and cloud functionality. If yours is a large-sized enterprise that already has a Microsoft platform then you will find that nopCommerce is the perfect fit. Its features and that it connects with SQL make it ideal to include hundreds of thousands of products and maintain an excellent database with minimum effort on the database design and development. Enterprises that already have a Windows-based server will find it a better fit compared to open source eCommerce tools. 

You Do Need Developers For nopCommerce

NopCommerce is free to download but there is plenty to design and develop for your custom eCommerce store and you will need the services of Dot Net Application Development experts to come up with a working website and assist with other matters like hosting, themes, plug-ins, and SSL certificates. 

Should You Opt for NopCommerce, Magento or OpenCommerce

As said above NopCommerce is ASP.Net based and has a ton of features such as multiple stores, product options, multiple languages and currency support, facility to set up discounts and coupons, price comparisons and more. These are available in other open-source platforms too. NopCommerce is still evolving but with a solid foundation in .NET technologies, it is the first choice for enterprises that already have Microsoft products and have their solutions on a Windows server. NopCommerce is a natural fit and if you are using Dynamics 365 then it becomes easy to analyze and fine-tune your NopCommerce website for even better outcomes. 

Small enterprises may start with a few Microsoft products but eventually, they will adapt to Cloud and Azure. For them too NopCommerce is a logical choice since it will fit in with future expansion. If you have Microsoft products you will want support from Microsoft experts and since this is part of the family, you can easily find Dot Net Support Specialists for NopCommerce and for your other applications. Talk with Smart Sight Innovations, top Dot Net specialists and NopCommerce developers. It could be the start of a seamless IT infrastructure extending to eCommerce.

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