Voice-Over Air

A text-to-speech application powered by Epidemic Sound is the first of its kind in the world. Voice-Over Air's award-winning musical accompaniment allows content creators to produce content in multiple languages. In online and mobile applications, users can adjust pitch, pace, and volume to create AI voices that mimic real speech.


Solutions n Features:

There is a mobile app with all the features right now, but Voice-over-Air would also like to develop a web application. Its goal is to enable video embedding via the conversion of spoken words into audio.



● A regular user package and a VIP package are available, allowing clients to decide how to monetize.
● Create recurring revenue models for regular users that provide monthly access to the web application’s features.
● Bring voice customization to life by adjusting voice stability, clarity, and style exaggeration.


Tech Stack:

Area Technology
Front End React JS
Back End Rust
Database Firebase Realtime
Third-party API VoiceMaker API & ElevenLabs API
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