10 App Categories That Will Shape the World in 2022

The ever increasing presence and dependency on mobile apps has led to eager consumers waiting for the next best thing that apps can offer. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the increasing reliance on smartphones, further propelling the growth of mobile applications. 


2022 is expected to witness giant strides in the world of mobile app development, with the easy amalgamation of new technologies like 5G and edge computing coupled with the shift in attitudes toward apps.


Having a well-rounded approach to app development is an essential part for businesses of all types. Statistics indicate there are currently over 6 billion smartphone users around the world! By 2023, mobile apps are expected to generate almost $1 trillion in revenue!


With such a large user base and a promising future, vendors who provide Android application development services as well as those with iOS credentials have their work cut out. We look at ten of the most promising categories that apps can possibly conquer in 2022. 



1. Travel Apps with AR / VR capabilities

With AR / VR capabilities, travelers can see what hotels and accommodation facilities have to offer before completing their booking. This provides a win-win for everyone involved as customers know what they are paying for beforehand and businesses have to expend lesser resources to promote their offerings. 


2. Stock Reward Points

Rewarding loyal customers is one of the surest ways to retain them in the long run. Businesses have taken this up a notch by awarding stock incentives for every purchase they make with them, thus providing promising indirect benefits that creates customer wealth along with the success of the company. 


3. NFT Marketplace

The NFT platform allows digital asset owners to sell their goods outright or through a bidding system. Creating an NFT marketplace secured through blockchain technology will help owners of images, videos and virtual spaces to sell their assets in a safe and secure environment.  


4. Luggage Storage

An Airbnb for your luggage! Allowing travelers to leave their luggage in a secure storage facility that allows them to soak in the sights of the new city would be a great value add. This is even more handy when tourists have time to kill between hotel check outs and flights.


5. Agriculture App

An app to provide agricultural services as well as improvise on current agricultural requirements. Farmers can monitor crops, schedule irrigation, automate tractors and offer geo-mapping services that can secure land perimeters from animals that could destroy their crops and prevent encroachments. 


6. Warehouse Management

With the boom in the e-commerce market, providing storage facilities as a service in itself has never been more rewarding. Businesses can link their warehouse to a management app to control and monitor all inventory-related tasks such as receipts, arrange and allocate racks for products with first-in-first-out enhancements. The app can also offer reporting and analytics and track consignment locations.


7. Scan and Shop

Android and iOS application development services have progressed to an extent that users can now scan items or products that they wish to purchase, and this app can provide the best deals from multiple providers as well as the most suitable alternatives in the same category. Upon selecting the relevant products, users can be directed to the website to complete their purchase. 


8. Smart Receipts

A smart receipt app can help organizations save time by generating receipts, invoices and can also track expenses and provide periodic reports.


9. Real Estate 

Customers who wish to buy a house can be given a virtual tour using VR technology instead of having to travel long distances. Businesses can leverage the largest user base by engaging Android mobile app development providers to increase sales.  


10. Driver Tracking

Especially useful for businesses that provide car and limousine services, this app can help keep track of the entire workforce and provide emergency as well as relief services immediately. Such services are already being offered by app development companies in the UK.

These are some of the most popular app categories that businesses can target. If you are looking for mobile app development in the UK, you can connect with our experts today for a free quote.

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