12 Reasons to Choose React Native for Hybrid Mobile Apps

With the rapid proliferation and implementation of 4G technology around the world, along with the impending leap to 5G technology and the breakneck speeds that it promises, mobile users are excited about what the next generation of apps hold in store. With such astonishing technology ready in the fold waiting to be leveraged, businesses will be well equipped to provide a seamless experience to users. 


While the infrastructure is primed to accommodate a seamless surfing experience to millions, mobile app development services must also keep up to build capable solutions. 


React Native, one of the most widely used hybrid app development frameworks is slated to be the answer that provides the necessary wherewithal in such a scenario. 


The React Native framework is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework launched by Facebook to create sturdy apps for iOS and Android devices. Technology behemoths like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tesla lean upon React Native app development to build their apps for both iOS and Android platforms.


The React Native framework is a ‘native’ version of the ‘React’ web library developed to enhance hybrid mobile app development. React Native app development helps build native-like hybrid apps using the ReactJS library, that can be shared amongst multiple platforms, making it easy to create apps for iOS as well as Android with a single codebase. 


React Native app development uses the React JavaScript UI to code user interface for both platforms using the same building blocks as those in iOS and Android native apps, which are then bridged with JavaScript and React to allow the apps to perform efficiently on both platforms.


Here, we look at 12 important reasons to choose React Native when it comes to building hybrid apps.


1. Faster Development

React Native app development has been immensely popular for many years, which means there are scores of components ready for implementation, as a result of which a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be built without bugs faster than ever. Mobile app development is at least 30% faster with React Native.


2. Ensure a Tight Purse

With React Native, you can hire a single team to develop apps for multiple platforms, thus reducing on development costs, especially beneficial for start-ups.


3. Build Coherent Applications

Reduce complexity with easy-to-read code as Facebook’s UI library is simple to understand and implement. It also provides a simple and straightforward solution to a variety of outcomes, especially its Hot Reload feature, using which app developers get a live preview of the code, which reduces bugs drastically. 


4. Looks and Feels Like a Native App

Businesses and developers that provide React Native development services are impressed with its native UI components as opposed to other frameworks. 


5. Same Code Base Across Platforms

The primary code base has the same foundation-level programming language for both Android and iOS. Developers can also recompile the app easily without any changes in the framework, resulting in native performance, without having to write separate code for each platform.


6. Vast Libraries with Ready Solutions

There are many ready-made solutions and libraries to reduce development activities, along with multiple testing tools such as Jest, Chai, Mocha and Enzyme. 


7. Personalized Experience

Developers can create different styles for apps directly from the server-side and provide a personalized user experience to each user on the same application.


8. Extensive Plugin Support

With ample resources and reusable libraries that only swell by the day, third party plug-ins eliminate the need to use specific functions, as React Native connects the plugin with a native module for swift loading, smooth running, and better memory management. 


9. Native APIs

Developers can imitate the look and feel of the UI for faster responses, which is why React Native development services are in demand. It also seamlessly integrates with existing code and helps build complex apps using simple code.


10. Simpler Debugging

One of the biggest advantages of having a single codebase for Android and iOS is that it becomes simpler to detect bugs. With React Native, a single bug fix removes bugs from all operating systems to deliver consistent behaviour across platforms.


11. Community Driven Technology 

With wide support from an active community, all documentation and updates are readily available for everyone. Developers can also share their expertise, collaborate on projects, and get valuable feedback from peers.


12. Build Robust, Future Ready Apps

With a straightforward approach to solve development problems, the future of React Native to build hybrid apps is in safe hands, with easy fixes and regular improvements a standard phenomenon. A simplified binding strategy for its codebase results in a more stable and reliable app, and native APIs also result in better performance.


If you are looking for app development services, contact Smart Sight Innovations today. Our highly skilled developers leverage the simplicity and efficacy of hybrid app development to build cutting-edge mobile applications that potentiate business operations.

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