3 Reasons why Ticketing System Software is better than Email Communication

E-mail is an instant form of communication. We still remember the time when emails were the ultimate source to provide online customer support. Companies just need to set up email accounts for communication and support requests.

However, as organizations expand, leading to increased customer requests, depending only on emails reduces efficiency and leads to un-addressed issues just because they tend to get lost in the sea of requests coming your way!

As a company increases its operations, the number of queries starts increasing exponentially, which makes the inbox look like a mountain of inefficiency as the sheer volume of mails clutter the inbox and make access to important or urgent queries very difficult.

Of course, there is an option of marking important emails as starred or labelling them appropriately, but when it comes to volumes, organizations are better served with a professional Ticketing System that ensures each issue is brought to its logical conclusion, for seamless customer support and to foster healthier customer relations by adhering to latest industry practices.

In today’s experience driven environment, where customers expect nothing but the best of services from service providers, a Ticket management software or helpdesk ticketing management is an essential software that helps in maintaining customer database, to manage and hold customer queries. A ticketing software empowers businesses to overcome inefficiencies at the customer support level.


How E-mail communication takes place and what are its limitations

One can state, without a doubt, that although a great communication tool, the widespread use of emails has created challenges for a large organization. However, there exist some doubts about e-mail communication, which makes it challenging for us to communicate.

When you send a message from your email client, it goes to an e-mail server that manages the messages received by it. These messages are then forwarded to a POP or Post Office Protocol server. This happens in case the message is sent to the same subnet or person. If the message is sent to a person or a different subnet, it follows the standard procedure of sending messages over the internet.

  • It is a known fact that email is never a private communication. Your messages can be forwarded to other people without your knowledge.
  • E-mail communication is a great way to communicate and is a preferred mode of communication when you are not expecting an instant response.
  • If you want to convey a message to a large group of people, e-mail is a great way to communicate. However, it is not a viable option if the message is long and complicated.
  • A backup copy of your email is always stored on the server. It helps the user to retrieve the information as and when needed. Indeed, your message can be recovered or shared with a wrong person


Reasons why Ticketing System software is better than Email Communication

Ticketing software is designed to eliminate the cumbersome manual process, which is time-consuming. Many small or medium scale businesses require customer support to answer queries or calls manually. A helpdesk ticketing software will receive and log the issue automatically, eliminating the manual element and helps in streamlining the entire process.

The ticketing software is similar to emails in terms of speed and flexibility. However, ticketing systems are preferred over emails for customer support for the following reasons:


All conversations at one place

It becomes quite challenging to keep track of information when many people are working on the request. In e-mail communication, the support team must jump through many hurdles, and throughout the process, they will go somewhere else for solutions. The best way to eliminate these issues is to create an easily accessible ticket management solution which helps in minimizing the query solving time. Easily convert your emails to support tickets that enables ease of assigning issues to multiple stakeholders within the organization. 



The support team is the most valuable asset of any company, and the amount of time taken by them to solve customer queries must be minimized to ensure optimization of available resources. To avoid redundancies, organizations will be well served to consider help desk solutions for their customer support tasks. It saves the support team’s time and thus reduces the operational cost of the company.


Efficiency and Flexibility

The negative aspect of e-mail communication is that the customer support team must search and then browse through emails every time. At this stage, working with an integrated e-mail and ticketing software can be of much help. It allows the support team to work at full efficiency all the time.


Wrapping up

Ticket management software simplifies tasks in every way possible. It proves highly beneficial to handle the massive flow of queries. Hence, considering a helpdesk ticketing system would be far more useful than e-mail communication.

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