Android 12: Everything You Need To Know About New Features & Changes

Google has stated that its new Android version will be one of the biggest updates to its mobile operating platform in recent years. In its statement, Google said that the new features on Android 12 will bring changes to multiple fronts visually and in terms of performance of touch and other gestures, adding a new facet to Android mobile app development. 


Android 12, the new Android version, was first teased on the official blog in February this year, and was confirmed for launch later in the year at the Google I/O event in June. There were a few beta releases in the interim, the latest of which was an unplanned release in early September. 


The stable version is slated to be released on 19th October to coincide with the launch of Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone. Android’s new features for developers will further strengthen the community. 


Dubbed the Android Snow Cone, the latest iteration has included features that were a long time coming, and have been welcomed by Android mobile app development companies. We look at some of the most important aspects and how they impact performance and user experience. 


Material You Design

Android is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system which is why it becomes all the more imperative for users to have a semblance of individuality. This is what Google’s Material You design aims to achieve. 


When users change the wallpaper on the latest version, the entire visual experience on the device changes to match the selected wallpaper. The operating system’s color extraction algorithm automatically applies the dominant colour of the wallpaper and enables a seamless transition to each and every aspect of the mobile interface that gives a very highly visual involvement. This includes the notification shade, lock screen and volume controls.


Deep Customization

The Android operating system has generally been known for its customization features and third party app integrations, and Android 12 takes this to the next level. Users can personalize almost every aspect of their mobile interface, right from the lock screen, notifications, settings, widgets and even apps. 


Widgets have received a new lease of life with Android 12 building on their increasing popularity. 


The outlay for notifications have also changed with the small round toggles being replaced by larger rectangular swabs with a distinct colour scheme that changes based on the color of the wallpaper.


Security & Privacy

With Apple’s iOS upping their game when it comes to protecting user privacy, Android has also included stricter security features in its latest offering. Its new Privacy Dashboard is home to an ocean of information about app permissions where you can revoke specific permissions as well. 


Android 12 empowers users to provide location information to apps only when needed. The Privacy Dashboard also displays information about permission usage, including a timeline of when apps have accessed your location. 


Users also get a notification on their top bar when an app accesses the mic and camera, and can alternately turn off access completely to the camera and mic across all apps using the Quick Settings option.  


Snow Cone automatically turns off app permissions if they have not been in use for a specific period and locks them down, saving on battery use.  


Google has also disconnected location features from its Bluetooth saying “While your wireless headphones need to connect to your phone, they probably don’t need to know where you are.”


Other Enhancements 

Android Snow Cone has also added a host of enhancements to previous versions that make your life easier. 


  • Scrolling screenshots that include more information than just what is displayed on the screen
  • Quick access to one-hand mode
  • Double tap the back of a phone to activate a set feature (currently available only on Pixel phones, from Pixel 4)
  • Share Wi-fi passwords using a QR code
  • Camera switches let you control aspects of the phone with facial movements
  • Large clock on lockscreen 


You can build a seamless app for your business on this popular platform by using our Android application development services.

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