Best Tips To Be Considered While Developing A Mobile App

Tips and TricksCompanies with a limited budget for custom mobile app development often look to extract the best out of every single penny spent on development. Here are nine of the most crucial tips that can help in ensuring the brand has future-proof software in app stores for users.

  1. Instinctive design and seamless navigation

Users would download the mobile application, use it, and refer it to friends only if they get an experience that no other app has to offer. It would occupy space on the user’s device. Thus, the software should not be developed or deployed just as a necessity and must provide a unique selling proposition. Plus, studies suggest that 14 percent of the app users may delete the same if it’s not user-friendly. So, providing intuitive design along with seamless navigation experience becomes a necessity.

Users appreciate scrolling over clicking while using a smartphone. App architecture should be designed in such a way that field entries and need for clicks remain a minimum.

  1. Flawless imagery can add life

The app interface needs to load quickly, should be easy to navigate, and intuitive, of course. However, it needs to offer something memorable and unique. Using flawless imagery with a considerable resolution can help you get the best out of smartphone screens.

Placing minimum elements on the interface, optimizing pictures for HD screens, using elegant colours for buttons, and savvy use of animation to add a personality as well as charm to the app can help.

  1. Platforms

Native (iOS and Android), responsive web (for mobile browsers), and cross-platform apps come with a different set of pros and cons.

While selecting potential target markets for your products and services, you should also consider getting an insight into the operating system, which is most widely used in the geographical area. The data should help you select the platform that most of your potential audience would use.

Cross-platform apps (Flutter, React Native) can be an ideal choice if you wish to serve both iOS and Android users with a single application. The custom mobile app development company in Mumbai is the ideal choice for getting cross-platform apps.

  1. Security

Data security has become a necessity and not a feature to be sold as an add-on. Developers focus on this factor right from the day they start working on the first line of the code.

Only authorized APIs should be used. Testing the codes from third-party libraries before implementing them in the app can help. Every piece of data needs to be encrypted.

Stronger authentication, tamper detection technology, and the use of best cryptography tools is a must for developers.

  1. Database

Database plays a crucial role when it comes to offline capabilities and data synchronization capacity of the application.

Its design would influence the app’s performance, the capability to read and write. Efficiently designed rows for data in the custom database app would ensure the software uses lesser CPU and performs faster.

  1. Seamless checkout

Users expect the checkout process in the app to be as smooth as that for the web version of the e-commerce portal. The information input requirement should be a minimum. Information like the city, state, the zip code in the shipping address for the customer should be prefilled from the data captured during the last purchase. Buttons in the checkout process need to be visible to make the process easier. The customer should also be allowed to save payment methods.

  1. The use of VR-Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR), as well as AR (Augmented Reality), can help in drastically enhancing user engagement. Application developers around the world have started exploiting the true potential of VR and AR.
Besides gaming apps, even e-commerce brands are using these technologies for boosting the sales of their high-end products.

Offering a virtual look at the products, via virtual showrooms can help users see how the selected products would look in various parts of their house.

IKEA Place and Curate have already taken a step ahead in comparison with other players. Customers can place the items in the virtual rooms and customize them before buying.

  1. Future-proofing

Application developers often prefer using language, APIs, framework, security certificates that are future-proof.
The mobile application platform keeps on evolving almost every single day. Best mobile app companies, as well as developers, need to ensure their apps that are ‘live’ in the Play Store as well as Apple Store are up-to-date. Introducing updates from time to time remains crucial.

  1. Geofencing

Simply put, Geofencing is a feature that uses mobile data, Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, and triggers alerts, text messages, notifications when the mobile device enters or exits selected geographical locations. Companies use this technology to provide location-based services, offers, discounts, and targeted advertisements to app users.

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