Best Types of Database Software Systems in 2021-22

From critical customer information, financial and operational transactions and marketing automation tasks, organizations need to store vast amounts of data generated from numerous sources. This data must not only be stored safely but must also be organized so as to ensure easy accessibility and reference, and also for integration with big data solutions for analysis as and when required. 


According to studies, for businesses that have 11 or more employees, more than 90% use CRM and custom database software to streamline their data. Not only this, the custom database software and database management systems sector was estimated to be worth almost $50 billion as of 2021. These figures not only highlight the increased prevalence of big data solutions but also the importance of custom database software provided by database development companies. 


Businesses looking to hire database development companies must be aware of the latest trends and the best options available in the market.


1. Oracle RDBMS

A journey that began in 1979, Oracle’s name is now deeply associated with enterprise database systems due its unparalleled data delivery.  The latest version of Oracle’s RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) highlights their continued innovation in this field that now provides database management as cloud services. This version comes with many syntax and performance enhancements in the Multitenancy, Database In-Memory and Oracle Database Sharding areas.


2. Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL Server’s easy handling and efficient features mark it out as one of the most sought-after database services company. The latest release is touted as an all-round solution for on-premises as well as cloud database and business intelligence solutions. This version helps build crucial applications with in-memory security technology across OLTP (online transaction processing), business intelligence and deep analytics.


3. IBM Db2

IBM’s latest Db2 runs on Linux, UNIX and Windows and has firmly placed Oracle’s big data solutions in its crosshairs, by announcing huge cost savings – in the range of 34-39% for migrations from Oracle’s solutions to the one provided by IBM. Its latest Power 10 processor has been developed keeping in mind AI workloads which will also enhance performance per watt, and better memory usage.


4. Knack

Released in 2010, Knack is one of the newbies in the database race. Though it is equally as good as its competitors when it comes to the usual frills, what sets it apart are its deep customization capabilities and improved user experience. 

With a tagline that says, “online database software made easy” Knack is used by organizations of all sizes, right from small businesses to Fortune 500 institutions and boasts heavy weights such as HP and CapitalOne among its clients. Their customization features ensure that the most important and relevant data is front-facing and can be presented in different ways, that caters to a wide audience. 


5. PostGreSQL

PostgreSQL, is an open-source ORDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management System) that is widely used in online gaming applications and domain registries to name a few. PostgreSQL also enjoys the confidence of some high-profile clients like Skype and Yahoo and is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris. MacOS (from its X version) uses PostgreSQL as the default database in its server editions. 


6. MongoDB

Founded in 2007, MongoDB is one of the most widely used NoSQL databases It was developed to primarily enhance the agility and scalability needed for internet advertising. Its increased flexibility and distributed architecture made it a highly viable option as an enterprise database software solution. The MongoDB database encryption combined with its easy setup and vast library has made it the go-to option for many enterprises. 


Smart Sight Innovations is an established database services company that has built powerful and cost-efficient database solutions for clients across industries. You can get in touch with us to know more about our custom database software services. 

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