Designing Innovative Magento Mobile Application Development For Customers

Magento Mobile brought in its wake the same rich experience of desktop e-commerce sites, now transferred to mobile devices. If you are using a Magento powered e-commerce site targeted at desktop users it is time to introduce the Magento mobile shift and transform your customer experience. You do need an innovative Magento development company India by your side to aid in the digital transformation at the lowest cost and yet, with the best possible features on mobile devices.

The standard Magento mobile e-commerce features

Innovation is expected of a Magento Mobile app development company but, at the same time, you expect smooth integration and implementation of standard features.

  • There is nothing like a native app for iOS and Android platforms for superior customer experience. Hybrids just won’t do.
  • Inclusion of a variety of contact options such as phone, video chat, text, and email as well as social linking. Customers are delighted when they receive immediate answers, even to trivial questions. The mobile Magento apps developers India based can smoothly integrate everything from IVR to video into the app itself.
  • A seamless switchover is another feature that you would like to be implemented with finesse in your mobile Magento e-commerce app. It does help delight customers when they can start a process on their mobile app, such as a search and then switch over to a desktop for purchase, or vice-versa. At the same time, all features such as inventory, order, tracking, payments, and product details sync with your desktop Magento website. Changes in one automatically reflect in the other.
  • One of the best advantages of apps is the ability to push notifications and stay on top. Select the right Magento developer for your mobile e-commerce store and you can leverage this feature.
  • Calculate shipping through any channel along with possible delivery.
  • Let visitors shop as guest shoppers rather than forcing them to register.
  • Remove the language barrier and go international by getting the Magento mobile app development company to include the multi-language feature and you will have heaps more customers. At the same time, you can get them to include multiple currency facility.
  • The versatile tool that Magento is, it allows you to set up a variety of marketing tools to lure in customers and keep existing ones loyal. Your Magento app developer can easily add promotional features like coupons, points, referrals, and deals as well as cross-sell and upsell features to enhance the app appeal.
  • You will want to know what is going on and inclusion of analytics and Crashlyitcs keep you informed. You can make smarter decisions.

Innovating on features to add glitz to your Magento eCommerce app

Magento app developers can incorporate all the above features and design your mobile app for ecommerce to be the most user-friendly. However, it is innovations that add bling and differentiate your site from the rest.

  • Intelligent bot: It does not take much effort but it does take innovative creativeness to change the chatbot into a bot that can not only talk but also interact with shoppers to show them around the store. AI and ML inclusions can help the bot to keep learning and your app gets smarter as it grows more experienced.
  • Augmented reality: No, this is not for the future. It is here and if your Magento development company India based incorporates it into your app, your shopper’s experience rises to greater heights of enjoyment, easily leading to a buy instead of an abandonment. This innovative feature is particularly helpful if you actually have a brick and mortar store or, you can have a virtual store created. Your visitors can virtually check out a product in detail and even view a demo. If your Magento mobile store has a garment section then AR can actually help visitors visualize if a particular size of shirt or dress would fit them by overlaying it on their photo. Another possibility is to be able to visualize how a product would look in their setting, especially important for consumer goods like furniture. Shoppers can view this and, importantly, share this view with others in order to arrive at a decision. Magento eCommerce mobile app developers can even implement social shopping, i.e. sharing a shopping cart with friends and it benefits you too.  
  • A/B Tests: It is natural to wish for maximum profits without driving customers away. Innovative implementation of A/B test lets you test different price points as regards product price and shipping.
  • Video calling: Just as important as the welcoming bot that offers to take shoppers around, the video calling gives a face to face personalized experience. One can even conference and present video within a video. You can expect visitors to decide to buy right there.
  • Image search: Everyone is familiar with text search but image search is truly innovative as an implementation that enhances the appeal of your Magento mobile ecommerce app. Users simply upload an image and your app presents them options.
  • Payments: Customers have arrived at the point of buying so you would not want payments to be a clunky process. Innovative implementation lets customers complete the process with just a few taps. This is followed by transactional SMS and email generated automatically.

Magento has a powerful community of innovative contributors and your smart Magento development company India keeps track of all such possible innovations within the Magento family. Reach such a Magento mobile app development company and you get the benefit of standard app overlaid with stand-out innovative features. Opt for modular, custom Magento app for your ecommerce site and you can decide on prioritizing features as you go along.

As stated in the beginning, you can have standard features and your Magento ecommerce app will work just fine but it does not stand out. People using mobiles for shopping need more. Give them something new and even if they did not bag a bargain, they will certainly remember the innovative shopping experience.

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