Django vs Ruby on Rails – Which is Best for Web Development?

There are more than 90 web development frameworks that developers can choose from while providing app development services. Out of these, Ruby on Rails and Django are two of the most popular frameworks and both have many aspects in common such as being object-oriented, dynamically typed, as well as providing unique output to each task. 


Given the above scenario, it’s no surprise that developers have a hard time choosing amongst these options. Leading online brands such as Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, and YouTube among others are powered by Python web development with Django (a framework built using the Python programming language). On the other hand, Airbnb, Shopify, and other tech enterprises use the Ruby on Rails framework.


Some advantages of the Django development framework are that it is a scalable, mature software with multiple plug-ins. It is also deeply customizable and has a Representational State Transfer (REST) framework. 


In addition to this, Django development helps adopt a battery-inclusive approach that provides seamless compatibility with databases as well as operating systems. 


On the other hand, Ruby on Rails app development is preferred when it comes to modification and migratory tasks. Ruby on Rails app development also enables quicker development, and a superior testing environment that supports deeper functionalities that require less coding.


When businesses have to make a choice between these two vastly superior platforms, here are a few things they must consider before arriving at a decision. 



Ruby on Rails works on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) and Django on the MVT (Model-View-Template), which are almost similar with very miniscule differences. Ruby on Rails app development as well as Django development utilise robust architecture provided by the respective platforms to build simple divisions between layers such as specified routes, controllers, models, and bounded views.



With a vast library of tools and plugins Ruby on Rails app development is shown to be infinitesimally quicker than Django development. Having said that, Django also supports quick development, and its REST framework delivers fast results. Both platforms provide ample tools to optimize the code.



Based on Python, Django’s security features are second to none. Both Django and the Ruby on Rails framework have multiple tools to safeguard against SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), etc., with either framework being a reliable option.


Templating HTML

Although both frameworks have templating as a core feature, Django uses a simple templating language that helps developers build them with minimal programming and HTML skills. On the other hand, Rails’ views (individual page templates) are slightly more complex.



Although Python web development with Django has benefitted from its genealogical features, it still finds itself a little off the pace as compared to Rails. Rails provides better scalability due to its attributes such as freedom and flexibility of code. 



Versatility and stability are very important aspects when it comes to development frameworks. Ruby on Rails facilitates reusable code that reduces dependencies and follows the convention over configuration approach. Developers providing Ruby on Rails development services have a fair advantage over their counterparts. 



While it is tough to distinguish between Django and Ruby on Rails, given that both support many critical features, each useful for different purposes, there are also certain aspects where one performs better than the other. For businesses that wish to develop a detailed app with remarkable features, Django is a better option. But when fast deployment is the priority – followed by development of further aspects – Ruby on Rails is the ideal bet, with its many shortcuts and automation features, which also makes it easier to add complex features in web applications.


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