Has AI Managed To Take Mobile App Development To The Next Level?

Amazing smartphone applications help in several activities, from ordering food, checking directions while driving, keeping an eye on the house’s back door, to monitoring sleep patterns. Mobile apps have managed to influence and transform almost every aspect of life.

The introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) has made them even more capable, powerful. Image and voice analysis, self-learning, and app security have reached a new level due to these advanced technologies. Put simply; both these technologies have helped in integrating intelligence in the app and transformed the way people interact and work. 

Here’s how the technology is set to influence application development during the coming months. 

A Gold Mine For Engineers 

Thanks to advanced apps from Amazon, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Starbucks, etc. the benchmark for user-experience has been raised too high. Every app needs to offer in-depth recommendations and unique user-specific experience.  

Application developers strive hard to continually introduce new features in the apps and remain a trend-setter in the market. AI and ML enable engineers to face cut-throat competition with solutions that help users with the hassle-free buying experience. 

By leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, engineers are in a better position to offer a customized and personalized experience. Apps are interactive and intuitive. Unfortunately, this was not the case a decade ago.

Offering Personalization Has Become A Priority

AI can analyze large data sets and compare the same with the user’s behavioral pattern to understand the person’s requirements within seconds. It keeps the shoppers engaged by showing the best suitable product recommendations and helps them in making decisions.

Small And Large Brands Are Shifting Gears To Remain Relevant 

Standard algorithms are set to become history soon. Intelligent apps have become the new norm in almost every sector. Businesses want their AI-powered smart apps to collect relevant data that can be analyzed to ensure the user gets the best possible results with minimum input. It also helps in improving customer retention with appropriate offers. 

Companies understand the significance of smart applications that help in strengthening the relationship with the customer. Brands are using these superb applications as a part of their expansion plans while entering new markets and offering excellent experience from day one. 

Even Smaller Enterprises Are In The Race To Offer Unique User Experience

AI is the new buzzword in finance, education, healthcare, transportation, and even the manufacturing sector. Usually, big brands embrace the latest technology while the smaller ones are left behind. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Artificial Intelligence as the technology is not expensive to implement. Thus, even small startups can offer the next level customer service for their eCommerce store with AI, ML-powered automated chatbots. Queries raised via the mobile application are answered instantly.

Even apps for web-based eCommerce platforms like Magento offer improved search experience to users due to the availability of AI-powered search extensions. 

Ability To Analyze Response Patterns And Various User Behaviors

These days, AI-powered unique applications can be designed to support advanced algorithms for deep learning, natural language processing, image recognition technology, as well as machine learning. Such advanced applications can handle a considerable amount of data. 

The AI application can use the smartphone’s microphone, camera, and GPS tracking to get additional information. The data is further used for fixing and adjusting the app as per the consumer’s demand. 

For example, an eCommerce application can be designed to change the product offerings within minutes according to the user’s buying pattern, geographical location, and the person’s daily behavior. It is possible because AI-based algorithms can sense vital aspects, including location, and trigger user-centric recommendations as well as messages.

Apps Can Learn From Every Interaction

AI and ML together can copy a pattern used by humans and make autonomous decisions. The solutions that work with these technologies can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence.

ML and AI make it possible for the software to record satisfactory results and the method used for the same as reference for future use. The software keeps on perfecting itself every time it is used. These tools highlight the rationales behind every user interaction and then use the reference as a solution for solving the next query. Thus, during the coming months, app developers would focus on collecting, sorting, and storing more user data in cloud platforms to feed the machine learning algorithm.

Integration With Smart Devices

Modern apps play a crucial role in the functioning of IoT powered smart home gadgets. In some cases, they remain interconnected with one another. During the coming days, more apps would be designed to work with essential smart-devices like smart speakers so that they can convert speech into text and process the same.

Apps Are Designed To Handle Queries On An Automated Basis 

AI has also changed the way users interact with applications. These days, consumers are using mobile apps to complete various tasks and seek assistance.

When it comes to case studies, the chatbot deployed by Tommy Hilfiger can prove to be one of the best examples. It is available on the brand’s app as well as Facebook messaging. The system uses natural language processing for answering the buyers’ queries and even makes product recommendations as well as offers style advice. It also enables users to browse the latest garments collection from their favorite brand and shows a glimpse (videos) from the recent fashion shows featuring the products available for sale. The bot asks simple questions to the prospect and collects data about the person’s style, outfit preference, and offers products after analyzing the collected data. 

Businesses realize that the data derived from the mobile application can be as good as that from POS machines and online traffic. Apps that are missing out due to the absence of AI algorithms would probably be re-written to get the best out of observed user behavior. Any smartphone app development company that offers AI solutions can help in upgrading the existing software.

According to some estimates, the global spending on integrating Artificial Intelligence with existing systems in various industries is set to reach $79.2 billion by 2022. Thus, users would surely see more applications with this technology during the coming months.Are you searching for a custom mobile app development company to upgrade the existing app or develop a new one? You should discuss your requirements with Smart Sight Innovations. The firm has earned a unique reputation for offering Mobile App Development Services India.

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