Here’s A Quick Guide To Building An App For Parking Place Reservation

The number of cars keeps on increasing, but spaces to park them remain the same for several years. No matter if the city under consideration is from a developing nation or developed one, almost every town faces the issue. At times, drivers spend an hour searching for a free spot and are left with no other option but to park the vehicle far away from the desired location. 

Maps may not work correctly at all times, and even the parking signs on the road might be confusing for persons who are new to the city. Plus, parking rules also vary from one town to the other. All these factors result in a headache for the driver. Thankfully, IoT powered car park apps are making life easy in some cities. For app developers, this is probably the best time to enter the market and offer a solution to the long-pending issue with the newest technologies. Drivers can avoid tickets, traffic jams, reserve space for their vehicles in advance, and make non-cash payment using the app. 

There’s A Lot Of Space In The Market For Smartphone Applications That Offer Navigation Along With Space Booking 

Developers can either offer navigation or navigation along with booking set application. 

As the name suggests, the navigation set app can simply guide the driver to the nearby parking spots, based on the GPS coordinates and the location code entered by the user. Put simply; such software can work as a free guide when connected to the internet. Unfortunately, several navigation apps merely show the parking space. Thus, entering the crowded market won’t make any sense.

On the other hand, navigation plus booking apps allow vehicle owners to check spots, book the same for the desired timeframe, and make a digital payment. The sensor at the parking spot automatically detects the car’s license plate and opens the dedicated electronic gates. There’s still room for such mobile applications in various cities. 

An ideal app should offer functions like booking parking slots, selecting the time frame, adding extra time, as well as setting reminders for the same.

Some vehicle owners do not appreciate elevated car parking. Thus, the type of parking needs to be marked to avoid cancellation and last-minute hassles for the driver. The availability of parking slots for the specially-abled must be tagged separately.

Approach For Entering The Market 

Spreading geographically throughout the country may not be possible during the initial stages for small firms. Covering the maximum number of parking spaces in the selected megalopolis or city can be the right approach for new entrants. Choosing markets with lesser or no competition can ensure the best ROI and instant results. 

Accurate Information With Pictures For Parking Spaces 

Unfortunately, several apps end up showing street parking, illegal spaces to park as options to application users in the map. Street parking needs to be marked accordingly to warn drivers.  For ensuring the information about areas offered to park vehicles is accurate, hiring a dedicated team for field surveys is essential. 

App users appreciate photos for entrance, parking spots, availability of valet parking options, and other amenities. Besides the above, information like parking meter rates, time limits, street cleaning days, and free parking days is crucial. 

Partnering With Private Parking Space Providers 

Remember, unfriendly user-interface, incorrect booking rates, and little choice are factors that can turn people away from using the app. 

Application users appreciate a variety of parking choices. Thus, the startup controlling the aggregator platform needs to create partnerships with public and private stakeholders.

Administrators must ensure they rope-in the best parking providers in the city to be a part of the ecosystem. 

Multiple spaces to park vehicles help in reducing noise pollution and emissions as well. Civic authorities in several cities have developed their parking spaces as a part of initiatives to improve their infrastructure. The startup behind the application needs to ensure they have partnerships with city authorities to integrate these parking spaces with the system for offering multiple options and better service to the application users.

Several homeowners prefer to monetize their vacant garages and spaces by making them available as parking spots. Getting such homeowners in the network can help in increasing the overall space availability.

Some spaces are automated, while those owned by civic authorities may have an operator and counter. Create a mobile attendant app for space administrators and train them for using the same. The attendants must use the app’s built-in QR scanner for checking the motorists in and out.

A sensor-based automated system can be better than the parking lot mobile attendant manually entering the data. It is advisable to ensure they have installed the necessary parking meters, smart sensors. 

User-friendly UI 

The UI for the app needs to be user-friendly with large icons denoting the type of parking space and charges for the same. It is advisable to integrate Google Maps into the application. Voice navigation can prove to be an added advantage. The form or space on the screen to enter the vehicle number, area pin code and payment details should be large enough. And of course, offer multiple payment options with the most reputed payment gateways for processing the payment.

Users should be able to compare parking options and their rates easily. A custom mobile app development company can help in designing such a choice. 

Revenue model 

Initially, the startup needs to be ready to offer special discounts on in-app bookings, especially during peak hours. It results in cash burning during the first few months of the operations. But, the step can help in creating a good user-base.

Depending on the regulations in the areas of operations, the aggregator platform can charge a convenience fee to users in exchange for services.  Another popular model is charging a commission to parking lot companies in exchange for booking their slots. If your organization is searching for a reliable mobile app development firm to work on any of your apps, you should contact Smart Sight Innovations. SSI has earned a reputation as one of the most reputable firms that offer mobile app development services in India.

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