Here’s Why Developing A Magento Mobile App Can Prove Beneficial For Your Online Business

More than 40 percent of smartphone users prefer buying something using their mobile device instead of a desktop. The arrival and expansion of super-fast 5g networks would increase the percentage even more during the coming months. Thus, businesses selling online without an app, and mobile-friendly website, miss out on a considerable proportion of prospects.

The best way to increase brand and products exposure in the market is by making available your web-store in the form of a mobile application. Besides, it also takes the overall shopping experience for the consumer to the next level.

App development has become lesser complicated, thanks to customization capabilities offered by open source platforms. Amazingly swift e-commerce store apps can be developed within a few days.

How To Choose The Best Option For Building A Mobile App For My E-commerce Store?

Six crucial aspects should be considered while selecting a platform for app development.

  • Support For Multiple Languages

Voice and image search options have become a necessity in this era of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, Echo. Plus, your mobile application should be programmed to cater to audiences from various geographical areas. Thus, its banners, images, and text content should automatically convert to the regional language as per the visitor’s IP address. The customer should also get multiple language support option. These features would ensure higher ROI and of course, better revenues.

  • Advanced Catalogue Management Features

The platform for e-commerce web application should allow you to offer products to wholesalers, individual customers, and other consumer groups at different prices depending on their purchase frequency.

The app should allow sellers to offer configurable (as per colour, size) products across multiple categories and sub-categories. The admin panel should be easy to use so that users would be able to apply group updates for various products and save time.

  • Checkout Process And Payment Gateway

Both Android and iOS users prefer using shopping apps and mobile sites that offer single-page checkout. Multiple payment gateways need to be in place so that the buyer can select the most convenient payment method. People also appreciate a guest checkout option that eliminates the need to register. Buyers should be allowed to ship products purchased in a single order at multiple addresses.

The store administrators should also be easily able to offer discounts and promotions to specific buyers during the checkout process.

  • Analyzing The App Store’s Statistics

Tracking the app store’s performance becomes easy if the platform has analysis and reporting capabilities. The store administrators should be able to generate invoices, reports about inventory, total sales, cart abandonment percentage, and so on. The system should be programmable to create complete sales invoices in formats required by local tax authorities.

  • Search Option

It is of common knowledge; Amazon’s search and recommendation options play a crucial role in its increasing sales figures. Thus, every e-commerce app needs to offer a user-friendly search option to make shopping easy for visitors. For this, the platform needs to provide integration capabilities to work with AI-powered search widgets.

  • Customization Opportunities

The administrators should be able to edit HTML or CSS to control the store’s appearance and functionalities. Even someone without a technical background should be able to make minor changes in the app’s looks, catalogue, etc.

Put simply, fast loading speed, best data security, easy catalogue management, single-page checkout, multi-language support, and affordable price are essentials for the best app platform.

Magento Store Can Prove To Be The Best Bet

The best way to building a mobile e-commerce app is by choosing Magento as its platform. Thanks to the open source technology used in the platform, online merchants and developers can edit functionalities, appearance, content, and manage catalogue quickly. The platform can easily integrate with most of the front and back-end business systems.

You can also ask the developer to add two-step authentication and SSL certificate. Magneto offers these and many more features. The platform works with more than fifty payment gateway options.

Where Can I Have A Mobile App For Magento Online Store? Why Choose Ssi For Magento Mobile Application?

No matter if the online shop wishes to sell ten products or thousands, Magento based apps can be customized according to the firm’s business needs. Availability of multiple plugins to add features assure enhanced customer experience.

Magento mobile app development company like Smart Sight Innovations use Magento as a platform to create the best e-commerce mobile apps that are easy to manage. The firm has developed an excellent reputation by creating apps that offer personalized content combined with speed and relevance. Several of the company’s applications are available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. SSI has helped businesses with limited resources to develop e-commerce apps with advanced technologies like AI and ML.

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