How Tally Shoper 9 Proved To Be Best For Retail Enterprise?

When it comes to the list of point of sale software solutions that can make retailer and wholesaler’s transactions easy, Tally Shoper 9 easily makes it in the list of top five options. 

From godown (warehouse) management, maintenance of stock, billing, cancellation of items, and printing receipts, Tally Shoper 9 offers a bunch of features to address challenges faced by retail and wholesale businesses. 

The combination of Shoper 9 distributor, Shoper 9 HO, and Shoper 9 POS can prove to be a solid one. The data exchange process between stores, warehouses, and the firm’s head office becomes simple. Even employees with a little experience of using this software can manage MIS reporting, price management, configure the system as per new discount schemes, and perform billing related tasks.  

Helps The Firm In Complying With International Supply Chain Standard 

Businesses that deal with multiple outlets in various countries around the world can benefit a lot if the stock items are shipped with GTIN, the Global Trade Identification Numbers. With Shoper 9, your firm can benefit from the GTIN system and generate GS1 Standard Numbers for goods. The supply chain standards system is one of the most widely used options. 

Your firm can ensure adherence to GTIN standards by following pre-defined parameters, including stock numbering, and the use of multiple patterns. Besides assisting in effective stock management, the system ensures global trade compatibility as every item that you export would be numbered using standardized methodology. 

Managing Tills 

Tills, point of sale cash drawers play a critical role in billing procedures like cash payouts, issuing cash receipts, order cancellation, the return of goods, etc. Shoper 9 easily integrates with tills and allows central administrators to close, unlock, lock, or open a till according to requirements. Administrators can also set cash lift alerts and define cash limits for tills on an individual basis. Put simply; the management enjoys complete control over the way tills at various locations function throughout the day. 

Enhanced Security Control To Safeguard Customer Information 

In this era of 5G technology, small and large businesses look at the data security features offered by the software. Shoper 9 protects the customers’ sensitive information with multiple layers of enhanced security controls. No matter if the software is to be utilized by a large business or a single point of sale store, security features ensure zero data leak.  

Engineers at Tally always keep on enhancing security features and issue updates for the system from time to time. The live update feature can ensure the updates are downloaded automatically for ensuring that Shoper 9 remains updated at all times. The administrators can receive alerts in case of the availability of a new update patch. They can plan updates as per convenience for each POS location individually from the head office if required.  

The software can also be set on auto-update mode so that updates are downloaded whenever the system connects to the internet. 

Ability To Integrate With Various Devices 

May it be a card reader, barcode scanner, electronic cash drawer, or display units at the store; Shoper 9 integrates with a wide range of devices and software solutions. Most importantly, it works with portable barcode readers, receipt printers, and data terminals, so that the staff can perform various tasks wirelessly, using handheld devices. 

Shoper 9 HO can help in monitoring Shoper 9 POS systems installed at multiple distribution centers and retail outlets. Customizable buttons on the user-friendly interface can help in generating various reports within seconds. You can also opt for the Tally Invoice Customization service offered by software vendors to ensure your invoices are GST compliant. 

Are you looking for Tally ERP 9 Customization or Tally Customization experts? You should consider discussing your project details with Smart Sight Innovations. The firm’s team has several years of experience in working on Tally projects.

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