Java in Artificial Intelligence: How is it used?

Artificial Intelligence has captivated the minds of the populace for decades! The ability to simulate near human intelligence has always brought about a sense of wonder and glorified excitement that the unknown brings with it, mostly depicted in science fiction movies and written works. Today, AI algorithms have not only become a thing of reality but are also at the forefront of almost all cutting edge research. 

Here, we talk about how Artificial Intelligence programs can be built using Java development. 


Understanding Artificial Intelligence

The pipe dream of creating an artificial human brain took a turn towards reality based on scientific concepts that became more and more tangible and achievable with astonishing results such as AlphaGo – a computer program that defeated human opponents on one of the most difficult board games – Go

Despite the tremendous strides made in the field of AI over the last two decades, experts generally agree that the human species have yet to even scratch the proverbial surface, when it comes to understanding artificial intelligence, and fulfilling the potential possibilities that AI can offer – for consumers to enrich their purchasing experience as well as enterprises, when it comes to applying the cognitive abilities of this tech in their day-to-day processes.  

Although there are multiple languages that developers use for AI programming, Java is one of the most admired and widely preferred languages by programmers. 

Java is extensively used to build machine learning tools, neural networks, search algorithms, genetic programming, and multi-robot systems. Java is object-oriented and scalable, which are must-have features for AI projects along with which, its VM technology makes Java portable, maintainable, and highly transparent. 

Java empowers developers to build a single app version that will run on all Java-supported platforms, thus adding value to businesses. Since AI is closely linked to algorithms, another factor in favour of Java is its ability to code different types of algorithms which makes it a good choice for large-scale projects. 


A few key advantages of Java are listed below:

  • It is a scalable, cross-platform language, which means large-scale applications can be built for multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Has an in-built garbage collector that deletes useless data 
  • The Swing and SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) helps developers create intuitive, user-friendly app interfaces and graphics 
  • Has a thriving community with ready support to solve issues and queries 
  • Multiple tutorials available online for free, help developers hone their skills


Some of the most useful Java tools for AI, machine learning, and deep learning are:


TensorFlow supports Java development with an API. Though it is not as feature rich as other fully supported languages like the TensorFlow Python API, it is constantly being improved upon. Developers can check TensorFlow – Java’s GitHub repository to know more about its usage and support. 



A Java-based, object-oriented neural network framework, it is an open-source platform that offers a Java development class library and Neuroph GUI to help create artificial neural nets quickly & efficiently. 


Deep Java Library 

Developed by Amazon, this Java-focused development tool helps develop and deploy deep learning abilities into structures. 



A machine learning toolkit from Apache, it us used for natural language processing. The API documentation on the official website helps understand its features and functions. 


Java Machine Learning (ML) Library 

An open-source Java development framework that offers various ML algorithms to build smart applications quickly.


Make the Most Out of Java for Your Business 

Java development offers a diverse range of features and tools, along with machine learning and automation capabilities that help build custom applications as per your business needs. It enables enterprises to serve memorable user experiences on state-of-the-art immersive apps to reach and retain more customers and drive profitability. 



Artificial Intelligence programming in Java can be considered to be the best bet as Java offers most of the necessary features for intelligent product development.

If you wish to develop intelligent products or applications by integrating smart technologies, approach the experts at Smart Sight Innovations. Our highly skilled team will help you with AI-powered software solutions built as per your business requirements and goals.

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