React vs. Angular vs. Vue: Which One is the Best for You?

While JavaScript frameworks have been gaining in popularity, how does the situation in the frontend landscape actually look in 2021? The regularly updated frameworks – namely Angular, React and Vue are becoming more and more prominent as developers and businesses are able to build elaborate applications much more quickly. Another reason why Angular, Vue and React Native frameworks are popular with businesses that provide app development services is their continuous evolution that has completely transformed web development.

Business that are looking to build front end frameworks need not look much further than Angular, Vue or React Native development services. While Angular is a mature all-inclusive front-end framework, React is more of a UI library. While Angular and React Native app development have been around for a while, the latest entrant among the frameworks is Vue, which is a progressive framework. 

While each framework provides unrivalled benefits and performance milestones, they can also be used interchangeably in order to develop the best front-end applications, as each framework is component-based and facilitates quick conception of UI features. 

Here, we have put down a guide that will help decide on which best technology is best suited for your requirements based on various aspects.


Function and Capability

Angular app development is best suited for advanced large-scale projects such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), lively content-rich web designs or for large enterprise applications that require heavy infrastructure. 

React Native app development is ideal for applications with multiple components at scale as it has a declarative nature that is easy to handle around complex structures when UI is at the forefront of development goals. 

Vue is used to resolve short-term problems and for web app projects that involve animations & interactive elements, and applications that require coherent assimilation with other apps.



The Angular framework is part of the MEAN stack, one of the most preferred technology stacks. Based on TypeScript, it is a framework used to build single-page web applications (SPAs). Each component in this framework has a Class or a Template to define logic and metadata while another important aspect is that the templates in Angular app development are written in HTML.

React is an open-source, front-end library used to build UIs. Based on JavaScript, it doesn’t enforce a specific project structure and enables developers to create elements containing HTML and JavaScript at the same time. Elements in React Native app development are more powerful than DOM elements and its components are building blocks that determine autonomous & reusable pieces to be used throughout the application. 

Vue, a progressive framework, is used to develop user interfaces and SPAs along with other front-end development tools. Its versatility, optimal performance, and enhanced user experience make it a very handy framework. Developers working on Vue use the ViewModel layer to ensure application data is processed for a real time view.  



Angular app development supports third-party integrations to augment application attributes and provides capable components that enable easy development of web apps with reduced load times that is achieved by splitting tasks into logical chunks. It facilitates customizable designs and compiling HTML and TypeScript into JavaScript that enables code compilation before the browser starts to load the web app. Its ‘ahead of time compiler’ also ensures faster load times and higher security.  

React Native framework supports bundling, a critical aspect that reduces end user resource loads,  affords stricter overall control with easy testing and monitoring capabilities and is best suited for complex applications that warrant frequent changes. 

Vue is incredibly fast and has a quick learning curve as well, ensuring efficiency while developing mature single-page applications.


Benefits of Angular, React, Vue 

The benefits of Angular App Development are as follows:

Developers who thrive on Angular app development are accustomed to detailed documentation to understand templates, forms, and bootstrapping and also specifics about architecture, and interaction between components: 

  • Smooth two-way data binding
  • MVC architecture
  • Built-in module system
  • Significant reduction of webpage load time


The benefits of React Native app development are:

  • Flexible code 
  • Reduced time and cost
  • Facilitates complex apps & robust performance 
  • Supports native applications for Android & iOS


The benefits of Vue are:

  • Small size enables quick installation & download
  • Allows updating of elements in a web page without rendering the whole DOM
  • Allows developers to separate template-to-virtual DOM from the compiler
  • Compatible & flexible 
  • Codebase remains light regardless of application scaling


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