Significance of Mobile Apps for B2B Businesses

The advent of the smartphone and the subsequent proliferation of mobile apps have no doubt improved the experience for consumers as a whole, but it has also benefitted several businesses, by making processes extremely easy and less time-consuming. Smartphones, coupled with feature rich mobile app development have changed the lives of millions in ways that, not even 30 years ago, would have been in the realm of science fiction.

Mobile application-based services are not just confined to B2C businesses. Organizations that provide B2B services can also benefit from mobile applications, especially those that have a clear understanding of their requirements and can perceive how the app will help improve services and enhance the customer experience. So, if you are thinking of hiring an iOS or Android mobile app development company for your B2B business, here are a few aspects to keep in mind to know whether the app will be right for your business. 


How do mobile apps improve B2B commerce?

Ecommerce B2B apps can streamline the buying process for your customers; or assist them to browse your products and then contact you for details. You can also build an app to explain business processes and best practices which your B2B customers would like to understand. If you are not aware of the various ways in which an app can improve the efficiency of your business processes, then consider consulting an iOS and Android app development company which can provide valuable insights on how it can benefit your business and its scope of operation in your business segment, while also giving you a clearer picture of the app development cost. 

Businesses can improve customer relations by engaging mobile app development services that drive the enterprise by optimizing certain smartphone features such as:


  • Location: 

The location-based services of smartphones enable a wide sphere of opportunities, like personalizing product design based on a specific location. GPS based tracking systems can be utilized for location tracking applications. 


  • Camera: 

It can be used to capture images, record videos, scan barcodes and QR codes. iOS and Android app development have progressed to such extents that cameras nowadays have artificial intelligence features with powerful tools such as image recognition and face ID features. 


  • Push Notifications: 

In addition to promotional offers, push notifications can help support and accelerate workflows by setting up alerts that induce users to take particular actions. 


  • Personalization:

When integrated with CRM, personalization, and predictive analytics, B2B mobile app development can push personalized interactions and deliver information. 


  • Enabling faster user adoption: 

Building viable applications is the easy part but getting customers to adopt is the true challenge. The application framework helps in implementing API driven architecture which can be used to place KPIs (key performance indicators) across your application and help determine the placement and positioning of your product in the market. 


Advantages of a B2B App 

  • Easy Connectivity 

Mobile apps make it possible for B2B clients to launch the app and go through product descriptions and services even when they are on the go, thus saving time and resources for the business. 


  • Higher Customer Engagement 

In-app messages and tap to call features make apps more engaging and responsive. 


  • Technological Edge 

Customers often choose which companies they want to do business with depending on how technologically advanced the company is and how easily the business is able to adapt to the fast-changing landscape. An app is a very useful tool using which businesses can connect with their customers directly.


Do you know, B2B businesses are already moving to mobile applications? 

Industry research shows that around 80% of the B2B buyers use mobile devices at work, and 60% of such users say that mobile applications on their smart devices played a significant role in their recent purchase! Another study shows that mobile commerce today drives 40% direct or indirect B2B revenue and 75% of these buyers prefer to serve themselves rather than engage with sales representatives. 

If you wish to build an iOS or Android mobile application for B2B transactions for your organization, contact our team today. Our experts are available to collaborate with you to understand your requirements for cross platform app development and deployment.

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