Any business has multiple aspects to it, each of which is a critical component, and a seamless operational synergy between divisions is what successful organisations thrive upon. Vendor payments, customer invoices and service requests, bugs and multiple other facets of operations are some of the many internal and external perspectives that require the complete attention of business heads. Many organisations are satisfied having setup email domains for communications and coordination of operations, which is okay at the beginning. 

But, there comes a time in each business when a ticket tracking software becomes not just a good add-on, but an essential to simultaneously keep tabs on all the wheels in motion in the enterprise. Businesses are well served by having a ticketing system where all customer interactions, internal incidents across departments and the entire operational system can be tracked, which makes the entire operational governance smooth, and drastically reduces errors due to oversight. 

Smart Sight Innovations’ SmartServ is one such all-purpose ticket tracking software, which integrates all aspects of a business coherently to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner. 

Here, we look at some of the most striking features of SmartServ and how it benefits organisations.

Configure ‘Labels’: 

Assigning labels to your tickets is a highly useful method that allows users to arrange, classify, filter and compile tickets in a particular way that can be later used to arrange or organize tickets based on relevance and importance to create custom reports that are more meaningful and add informational value to processes. 

Depending upon the needs, size and operational specificity of your business, SmartServ provides you with utmost flexibility to configure labels that can be later used to derive deep insights. 

User-Friendly Interface: 

The team at Smart Sight Innovations has designed SmartServ to provide an extremely user-friendly interface that is highly intuitive and does not require any technical expertise to understand and / or operate the software.  

Not every issue will be resolved in the first call – that is to say there will be both long term and short term support scenarios – which means team members will need to be capable enough to handle follow ups and this is possible by understanding the nitty-gritties of the software to make the relevant checks. The efforts of the SmartServ development team have made the software immensely perceptive that enables spontaneity on the part of the representative which eventually results in more productivity and optimisation of available resources, as not much time is needed to train team members. 

Real-time visibility and traceability: 

Right from the moment a Ticket is created in SmartServ, it goes through multiple stages that may even include the involvement of more than just one representative from the time of its creation to resolution. One of the highlights of the ticket tracking software is that the executive who is attending to a specific ticket at any given time is equipped with the complete interaction history of that ticket.

Tickets can also be classified based on multiple other criteria, such as customer specific, issue specific or date wise to give an overall view of the history and the actions taken on the same, and gives agents and business heads complete visibility and traceability at all times. 

Improved productivity: 

With competent tracking, businesses are always on top of instances where a particular department is swamped with requests that take up a majority of executives’ time – by assigning additional resources. It also gives businesses additional insights into what tasks take more time, which helps determine where team members are most needed. 

This also improves the productivity of individual team members by providing them with the necessary tools to assess how they are spending their time and explore areas of potential improvement by prioritizing and streamlining certain aspects for a productive and uncomplicated routine. 

It gives organisations an overview of how much time is actually being spent in each area of business, helps improve operational efficiency and optimize resource allocation. 

Active inputs: 

With notifications for new tickets and real time updates on existing ones, customised follow-up reminders on open tickets, customised notifications on the dashboard and internal assigning of tickets to team members, SmartServ empowers you to stay on top of every aspect of your daily tasks and is built to evolve with all your business needs. 

Informed decision-making: 

The SmartServ software has wide capabilities and is deeply customisable to fit every business need and to enable every type of team to work together cohesively, while also granting them their own productive space in the operational atmosphere. With its wide capabilities, certain businesses will not see the recurring use of some functions. 

To provide a clear working interface, features which are not that critical for certain organisations can be hidden, while at the same time offering deep integration with parallel platforms. 

Its rich and varied features enable easy report generation which provides profound insights into the operational aspects of a business, that enable the management to take informed decisions. By enabling an integrated view of business operations, organisations can streamline administrative functions, and make critical decisions that further benefit all stakeholders. 

In the current scenario, where work-from-home trends are becoming the norm rather than the exception, Smart Sight Innovations team of experts will walk the extra mile and provide the necessary support to provide your business with the required impetus.

If you are looking for a ticket tracking software for your business, contact Smart Sight Innovations who have made big strides with their astute product and a customer first approach.

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