Tips to Optimize Angular Application to Increase the Website Speed

A large percentage of high traffic websites across industry segments use Angular for their web development – right from Google, YouTube, Upwork, PayPal etc. Its modular approach, a structural framework that simplifies building dynamic web applications and its massive community support have made this application development framework extremely popular among developers around the world. 


With such capabilities, AngularJS web application development is most preferred among the numerous JavaScript frameworks.


With a significant improvement in technological abilities, doubly hastened by the advent of AngularJS app development, websites are becoming more efficient when it comes to retaining customer attention by providing remarkable features. Users who browse through websites are usually put off by slow loading websites that will lead to reduced traffic over a period of time. 


Developers are on the constant lookout for infinitesimal advantages that help reduce the load time and general performance to improve user experience. With a constant pursuit to implement enhancements, developers are keen on making the required changes that will bring about significant improvements both in load time performance and run time performance, and this is what AngularJS app development equips them with. 


The rewarding process of AngularJS web application development can be further enhanced by implementing and incorporating a few additional ideas, designed to improve the speed of the website, some of which are highlighted below. 


Lazy Loading 

A very important AngularJS app development feature, lazy loading enables developers to manoeuvre around the complexity of routers and components, dodge the mayhem that Chunk files cause, and also to split large chunk files into multiple smaller files as a result of which JavaScript components are loaded only when the specific router is triggered. 


Ahead-of-Time Compilation (AOT) 

AOT compilation in AngularJS app development helps convert the TypeScript code into polished JavaScript code and optimizes & compresses the entire code before running it. Such inbuilt features of the AngularJS app development are the primary steps that help increase website speeds.


Serve Scaled Images 

This process is for images on any website and is used to optimize the site with scaled images. Although large images may be compressed into a fixed size, they take up additional space which reduces the speed of the website. To avoid this, developers must ensure that the uploaded images are the actual size of HTML images on the website. 


Optimize Images 

When implementing any application development framework, optimizing images is another way to improve site speed and performance. While uploading images onto any website, it is suggested to keep the file size in kilobytes and avoid uploading images that are in megabytes, and it is important to convert large images into smaller files before uploading them. 


Browser Caching 

Browser caching is a mechanism prominent in AngularJS web application development that works between the server and the end user browser. After the site loads the entire site data is stored locally. 


AngularJS development helps control the interaction between the local data and the site, instead of having to retrieve data from the server for every task.


GZip Compression 

Whenever visitors load the site, the larger files take longer to be loaded. To overcome this bottleneck, GZip compression in AngularJS development compresses all large files sizes to smaller ones, to reduce load time.


Avoid Unnecessary Server Usage

Unnecessary server usage is not only a direct security threat (as many cyberattacks occur due to security loopholes in the server), but also slows down the application function. AngularJS development helps resolve unnecessary use of server by circumventing change detection that leads to reduced performance of the application. 


Tree Shaking 

Tree shaking is a very effective feature that has been incorporated in AngularJS web application development since the launch of Angular 2. This provides an added layer of enhancement to AngularJS web application development and removes unnecessary code from the final bundle that is not used in the application (called dead code). Once these lines of codes are removed, the time taken for rendering the app decreases significantly, resulting in faster output.


Implementing the above ideas will ensure maximum performance of your website when using AngularJS development. A few additional tips that can also be explored are:


  • Remove all the commented code in your project 
  • Remove unused library files and modules
  • Remove unused language packages from the used library


The accomplished team of developers at Smart Sight Innovations has extensive expertise in AngularJS application development. Contact us today to know how AngularJS application development can be successfully used to make your app more potent and deliver the desired results. 

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