Top 20 Niche App Development Ideas

App stores on Google as well as the Apple platforms are witnessing consistent growth when it comes to newer apps. 


Not only this, application development companies also vouch for the promising trends of increasing year-on-year revenue. This trend is expected to continue over the next decade. Forecasts indicate that the increasing number of app downloads will also lead to a significant increase in the revenue generation from around $450 billion in 2019 to over $900 billion in 2023.


This is because mobile applications have increasingly demonstrated versatility when it comes to providing practical solutions across multiple industries such as retail, healthcare, education, entertainment and communication. Mobile application development companies are optimistic about the future of mobile applications and their increasing influence in newer fields with the integration of other upcoming technologies such as IoT, AR and VR. 


Although there are already many good apps on the market that address multiple challenges, it is widely believed that the market has not even begun to reach its full potential, with many ideas for newer apps being floated almost everyday. We look at some of the most promising app development ideas for the next big mobile app.


1. Dash-cam app 

By leveraging the wide angle camera in smartphones and adding a larger touch area developers can create an ideal dash cam app that can be mounted on vehicle dashboards.


2. Virtual landscape

A very practical app development idea that could make lives of many people easier is an app for interior designers who can virtually design spaces around houses using augmented reality features. 


3. Car sharing

Although car pooling is becoming increasingly popular, carsharing involves renting a car directly from owners. This can connect owners to interested renters who want cars for short or long durations.


4. Contextual language learning

Instead of learning languages by learning words or specific sentences, there is higher retention when words are learnt by understanding the context in which they are used as well.


5. Pet caretakers

An app that helps users find caretakers who would take care of their pets would be a blessing for families who are unable to make an outstation trip together because someone has to take care of their pet. 


6. Rent clothes

Many times, people buy clothes just for a specific occasion after which it is mostly never worn. A platform that allows people to rent clothes or offer their own clothes to others would be an easy money maker.


7. Food recommendation

Instead of just populating restaurant names, this app could recommend the best options based on multiple filters such as cuisine, location, price range and customer reviews would add value to many. 


8. Book reading / exchanging

This is one idea that will please many bookworms. Many readers still prefer reading physical books rather than an e-book which is why such an app is sure to find a vast target audience.


9. Mall navigation

This could provide a map of all the malls in your vicinity as well as a list and location of stores within the malls to make it easier to move around malls instead of having to search for your stores.


10. Restaurant reservation

Users can view a map of seating areas within a restaurant and book them through an app based on their preferences of time and space (indoors / outdoors). This will make life much easier for visitors as well as restaurant managers. 


11. Vehicle parking 

This app can help people find and reserve a parking spot near their destination by using real-time CCTV data along with GPS.


12. Pet activity tracker

Attaching a small device to your pet’s collar ensures you can track its activity and can also know the whereabouts of the pet! The forecasts for this market are promising and highly lucrative. 


13. E-receipts

A receipt management app can store all your bills in a single location and will also allow stores to send receipts directly to the app for easy management. 


14. Exchange of goods

Bringing back one of the earliest known trade forms – exchange one product for another. An app to facilitate barter of possessions such as electronics, apparel etc., would be a welcome relief to many. 


15. Social app for board games

Although board games have many fans, not everyone can afford to have a large collection. Connecting like minded people in a locality can bring them together to try it for the first time or just enjoy the game together.


16. Recipes based on ingredients

An app that could provide people with multiple recipes based on the available ingredients. 


17. Manage money lending

Track and get paid by people to whom you have loaned money by setting periodic reminders so that you do not have to cringe before asking for what is rightfully owed to you. 


18. Tax filing 

An application that will store records of all your income, expenses and provide you with an annual tax liability would be immensely beneficial for many. 


19. Text reader

This app could read the text on any surface (instructions and directions) and store it digitally for later reference. 


20. Find a song

This app can help users to find a particular song based on the tone which the user could hum or random words provided. Once located, users can also listen to the song.

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