Top 7 Types of Applications to Build with Angular Framework

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that helps developers build web applications that perform seamlessly and provide a great user experience. 


AngularJS web application development is used to build a host of solutions such as single page applications, progressive web apps and mobile applications with immersive features that enhance customer experience and boosts business performance. AngularJS web application development can also be used to develop applications that demand high performance and helps save time as well as money. 


The prevalence and reputation of Angular has grown tremendously in recent years because of the easy learning curve it provides, its robust features and the extensive tools that enable deep functionality. Many industry bigwigs such as Google, Microsoft etc. have leveraged the exemplary features of AngularJS web application development to build solutions for their humongous user base that run into hundreds of millions. 


Out of the above, AngularJS mobile app development is increasingly gaining traction as one of the most sought-after application development frameworks. 


The AngularJS mobile app development framework unifies software architecture with a clean code structure and well-written documentation. Developers who use the AngularJS mobile app development framework have access to a large community of developers who can easily understand the application code and ensures easy and quick fixes whenever needed. 


In this post, we look at 7 different types of applications to build with AngularJS development. 


1. Single-Page Applications (SPA) 

When it comes to building single page apps (SPAs), AngularJS web application development is the preferred application development framework. When users land on an SPA, it dynamically displays information of the page and gives a seamless user interface as compared to conventional applications. The data management features of AngularJS application development make it suitable for quick and effective development. 


2. Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps 

For web applications that are viewed in a browser, the server is in charge of conveying the data, which significantly impacts the site’s loading time. This increases website visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs), that in turn significantly helps businesses promote their product and increases their reach exponentially. 


3. Industry Specific Apps

AngularJS application development is used for development of apps across multiple industries. Some of the industries that this versatile framework has been used to create immersive apps are e-commerce & m-commerce, weather, video streaming, social, and travel segments.

In addition to the above, Content Management Systems (CMS), banking websites, and static websites are the other types of web apps built using Angular.


4. Remarkable User Interfaces 

UI animations on web pages provide a compelling advantage to businesses over their competitors with their charm and allure. The team at Google overseeing Angular features have built a module that makes designing and executing animations a breeze for AngularJS development teams.


5. Mobile apps 

AngularJS development is capable enough to build any type of mobile application, including hybrid app that offer a near-native experience while ensuring that the code is shared across platforms such as Android and iOS. 


6. Enterprise Web Apps 

Businesses often need complex solutions to resolve operational inefficiencies, and AngularJS mobile app development is the go-to solution for many organizations, irrespective of their size. Its many reliable features such as scalability, the MVC architecture and code reusability, and robust security makes it almost indispensable. 


7. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) 

Progressive web apps provide web applications with enhanced features such as a responsive interface, fast loading times, and also enables other competencies such as seamless offline performance. Such serious enhancements powered by AngularJS development are a primary reason for its rapid expansion. The offline capabilities are even more significant when observed from the prism of earlier framework iterations that were unable to provide offline capabilities. 


Businesses who wish to leverage the features of AngularJS development to build a PWA need to hire experienced developers and ensure that all PWA features are enabled so that the application performance is optimal. 


If you are looking for AngularJS application development services to build responsive and immersive apps for your business, get in touch with the experts at Smart Sight Innovations for a free quote. 


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