Top Local Databases for React Native App Development

React Native is fast becoming the most sought-after technology over the last couple of years. The reasons for its prevalence are manifold but mainly attributed to the fact that it is a cost efficient and cross-platform framework. With a substantial reputation that precedes it, react native app development is favoured by many companies. Along with this demand for React Native app development is the increased focus on developers to build high-performing offline first apps that can be scaled whenever required.

There are ever-growing expectations and reliance on apps that are being used across multiple mobile devices. While React Native app development has bridged the gap between the performance expectations and practical implementation significantly, a robust React Native framework must be coupled with the appropriate database for smooth operability.

Fortunately, the React Native framework comes with some really good options for data storage. We will look at some of the top React Native databases and explore what each one of them brings to the table. 



Immensely versatile when it comes to real-time and offline applications for wearable and mobile devices and works equally well with iOS and Android. A pertinent reason why developers use Realm to handle large volumes of data is because it has its own database engine. Realm is usually combined with React native for large sized and high-performance apps. 

Advantages of the Realm / React Native combo:

  • Background sync saves all interactions and requests locally 
  • Integration with Redux enables offline first architecture
  • Multiple encryption standards for each mobile platform for robust security 
  • A free, open-source software with a paid pro version 



Mainly used for implementing offline data innovations and synchronization that also supports real-time NoSQL database for React Native applications.


  • Sync happens real-time which is important when there is internet downtime
  • Provides cross platform APIs that needs minimal efforts and can be accessed on the move
  • Developers can build real-time apps and configure offline persistence proficiencies 
  • Offers free storage upto 1GB, after which they provide pay as you go plans 



As the name suggests, a lightweight database that requires nominal setup and can be linked within the mobile app. 


    • Database conforming to ACID principles with a file dominant architecture
    • Offline persistence proficiencies can be configured 
    • A free & open-source database with licencing prices to protect copyrights 



An open source Javascript database that stores data in JSON format with easy capabilities that is performed by developing, reading, updating, querying, and deleting queries with a single JavaScript API. The database is compatible with MySQL, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB


  • Can run tasks within the browser 
  • Quick execution of tasks 
  • Applications can run offline as well as online


Async Storage

A local database system that is deployed with React Native in-built with local data storage and data persistence between app reboots. 


  • Especially useful when users have to access data after closing the app or device



A high performance, heavy duty database useful for building complex applications. 


  • Can scale anywhere over 100 – 10000 records
  • Offline-first system based on SQLite



A lightweight, fast, and open-source database used for storing data provincially as well as on the cloud with support for sync across all the app’s clients. 


  • An open-source end-to-end database 
  • Aligned to provide consistent and lightning quick operational speeds



Another open source, high performance database that empowers developers to handle data in multiple ways by offering APIs for multiple languages including iOS and Android. It also supports multiple data items for a single key. 

While these are the most widely used React Native databases, there are a host of other backend tools that any react native app development company uses to build their applications. 

The answer to which is the best database tool ultimately depends on your project type. Our experts will guide you towards the best React Native database that is ideal for your business.

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