What Are The Data Security Features Offered By Tally ERP 9? Do Users Need To Take Additional Measures?

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems happen to be difficult-to-secure and oldest ones in place. Now, hackers from around the world have started targeting them to gain access to sensitive enterprise data. Case studies suggest hacking groups have even managed to find vulnerabilities in systems designed by SAP and Oracle. Thus, data security has become the primary concern for every firm using the ERP system. 

Tally ERP Comes Loaded With Multiple Security Features 

Tally ERP 9 is one of India’s most respected business management software for accounting, payroll, banking, GST, and inventory management. Tally Solutions offer security updates to all its free and premium products. Here’re details about some of the pre-loaded security features.

  • The connection between Tally.Net and Tally ERP 9 consists of a secure multi-step handshake. The handshake process also involves Tally Software Services (TSS) license/product license validation. 
  • Before initiating the transfer process, the data is compressed and encrypted using the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm. Plus, the message digest function is used for detecting alteration or corruption in data while transferring the same. 
  • The network port remains open only during the few minutes of data transfer, and that too only when the Tally ERP 9 user requests the network service. Third-party systems cannot use the data transfer feature and the network port. 
  • By default, the system has two security levels, one for the owner, and the other for data entry. The user-based data access approach is the most preferred one for security-conscious firms. Tally ERP 9 allows administrators to assign specific permissions with security levels to various users. It also allows the management to create new security levels to allow employees to perform specific tasks using the system. Put simply; it limits the exposure of data. The feature is handy for small and large businesses that have strict information-sharing policies.
  • Administrators can use the period lock and restrict the backdated voucher entry feature for selected employees. The in-built feature helps administrators in ensuring that no one can alter the voucher entries for the period specified by the admin. A software vendor can help in setting Tally invoice customization access. 
  • Tally ERP 9 has the facility to store user’s encrypted data with the help of Tally Vault. The feature offers the best possible privacy and secrecy to the organization. The encryption feature converts all the data in Tally into an unrecognizable format, and only admins have the authority to reconvert the same. It ensures that no one, including the govt agencies, can illegally access the organization’s sensitive account information without proper authorization from the administrators. Tally Vault even makes the company name in the system unrecognizable. 
  • Vendors who offer Tally customization can help organizations with additional ERP security solutions as well. 

Installing Updates 

Several studies have highlighted that businesses often use outdated software. Unsupported versions do not receive security patches from the developers. The same is the problem when it comes to ERP systems. Using the latest version of the software and automatically installing security updates is vital for data security. Setting up the automatic updater in the software can ensure the system does not lag. 

Users with a valid Tally Software Services (TSS) license can automatically download and install updates in Tally ERP 9.

Offering Training 

Employees may end up with innocent mistakes or errors due to their lack of understanding of the ERP system. They might end up exposing the system, making it vulnerable to security risks. Thus, it is advisable to offer training about the functionalities of the system before granting them access to use the same. There is ample training material available online for Tally ERP 9 in the form of text documents and YouTube videos.

Secure Internet Connection 

These days, businesses rely pretty heavily on internet connectivity. Tally ERP 9 needs occasional internet connectivity for keeping its license active.

Businesses should avoid opting for internet service providers that are in the list of networks hacked by spyware. The in-house network of routers should be secured, and only a limited number of devices should have access to the same.

Keeping All The Desktops And Laptops Secured 

Organizations should also ensure every computer and laptop used for accessing the ERP system has maximum security measures in place. 

Enable a system restore and create a save point every month. Ensure all the necessary security features of the operating system have been enabled. 

Barely-functional, trial version software should not have any place on official computers as they often collect user-data and keep the operating system occupied. Such software can prove to be a set of vulnerabilities and should not be installed on computers that work with the online Tally software. 

 If your organization is looking for security solutions that work best with Tally ERP 9, you should consider discussing your project with Smart Sight Innovations. The vendor offers a wide range of web and mobile app development solutions for small and large firms.

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