What You Should Know About Helpdesk Ticketing Systems?

Every business works hard to ensure that their customers remain satisfied, with several organizations exploring various approaches to improve customer experience and how to handle it, and this has led to institutions promoting a customer-centric atmosphere.

Even behemoths admit that customer experience is the latest battlefield, where those who come out tops are primed to be runaway winners in their respective segments. Brands need to set up the right parameters to achieve the necessary goals to constantly delight their consumers and having a Helpdesk Ticketing System is one of the fundamental ways of doing this.


What is a Helpdesk Ticketing System?

Helpdesk Ticketing Systems have many names such as customer support desk, help desk, or service desk system. However, as the name aptly describes – a Helpdesk Ticketing System allows companies to resolve customer problems effectively by automating the entire complaint resolution process.

Sometimes, people get confused between a helpdesk ticketing system and an IT service management system. However, a helpdesk majorly focuses on handling customer issues. On the other hand, an IT service management system serves the requirements of the internal functioning too.


Advantages of Having a Helpdesk Ticketing System

Now that we have figured out what a Helpdesk Ticketing System is, let us look at the top three benefits of using such a system.


Productivity of Agents

It saves time and enhances agents’ effectiveness by saving the “number of clicks” for agents when they fetch customer data or get a task done. With the help of a unified desktop, agents will see information such as personal data, interaction history, etc. in a single view.

Building a repository or an information base helps agents respond to mundane and exceptional customer problems. In case of exceptional queries, an agent can record his interactions, approach other agents, or refer to their previous interactions who have been in the same sort of situation.

It takes significant time for agents to create tickets, but this can be avoided in the case of ordinary and repetitive problems. With a Helpdesk Ticketing System, agents do not need to create tickets manually; instead, the system converts every request received from customers automatically into tickets and is intelligent enough to create a separate ticket for different queries. 

Such features of a helpdesk ticketing system lead to huge savings in terms of cost as well as resources which eventually results in a positive bottom line that organizations crave to achieve. 


Business Advantages

The helpdesk ticketing system allows supervisors to analyze the help center’s functioning with real-time dashboards and comprehensive reports. This on-hand data helps the manager/supervisor make informed resource allocation decisions to ensure agent satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

It helps to keep track of service level agreements. These SLAs help in ensuring vendor responsibilities are upheld. With the help of a help desk ticketing software, managers can set the SLAs and escalate things as and when required.

The helpdesk ticket management software allows supervisors to set rules about prioritizing particular tickets or enable agents to do so.


Customer Satisfaction

The customer does not think or care what happens inside the organization, and their only focus is the resolution of their issues – and the sooner they are resolved, the better the customer experience which also leads to optimum resource utilization. That is why having a helpdesk ticketing system allows agents to resolve tickets quicker. Agents can also use the repository of frequently asked questions to answer customer query quickly

Customers appreciate when they are kept in the loop about developments in their queries, and with the help of a help desk ticketing software, customers get regular updates on the status.

Customers also prefer to get in touch with the support team by the channel of their preference, which can be performed seamlessly by a helpdesk ticketing system. The customer has the freedom to lodge their complaint from any medium – email, chat, phone calls, social media, etc.


Wrapping up

A professional Helpdesk Ticketing System would no doubt improve business operations and is therefore essential whenever there is any meaningful conversation about customer management and customer satisfaction. Brands that aim to provide the best experience to customers at every touchpoint must have a helpdesk ticketing system that provides omnichannel customer support.

Contact the team at Smart Sight Innovations to help integrate an off-the-shelf helpdesk ticketing system or to build a tailor made solution to suit your business.

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