Why Developers Choose Shopify for E-commerce Business Startups?

The charm of digital retail is irresistible. Digital retail sales are increasing dramatically day by day, which is one of the main reasons why shop owners are taking their businesses online. But when beginning a business, one must make various considerations before launching an online store.

Shopify custom e-commerce development can be of great help to you if you have little to no technical knowledge. You only need to hire a Shopify store developer to create a user-friendly online store.

All you need to know about Shopify

Shopify is an efficient e-commerce solution that contains everything that businesses require for launching an e-commerce store. It is very secure and provides all round features that are essential for a productive online store. Shopify allows you to make different pages with an inbuilt online editor. You can sell your product across geographical locations by integrating support for local languages and personalize e-commerce shops.

The Shopify e-commerce platform currently powers more than 500,000 businesses in 175 nations. It is a one-stop solution for e-commerce merchants who want to leverage their e-commerce shop.

Why is Shopify the best e-commerce platform?

There are many aspects which make Shopify the best custom e-commerce development platform. Listed below are some of the reasons that make it so:

  • Provides inbuilt marketing tools

Shopify includes inbuilt marketing tools. You can add page titles, unique URLs, meta titles, and descriptions. You can also make pages visible and invisible whenever required. These features help reduce expenses, which is of course a critical feature for startups, but also helps increase operating margins for businesses across the board.

  • Hosted solution

Choosing a web host can be a real struggle, especially at the launch phase of the e-commerce store. Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce web development company. Businesses do not have to worry about databases, as they can access their store from anywhere with login details of admin and an internet connection without any setup.

  • Excellent Technical Support

It is essential to have technical support when operating an online store. Shopify ensures 24*7 technical support, so you can reach customer care whenever you find any glitches in your store.

  • Security and Speed

Speed is an essential aspect for the success of an e-commerce site because it helps boost sales. Shopify also provides excellent service in terms of security to the payment providers.

  • Advanced Functions

This e-commerce web development platform offers advanced functions with plugin style platforms that enable you to download, install, and personalize the site. Shopify also provides inventory management and insightful business reports.

Advantages of Shopify for e-commerce Business Startups

  • Shopify is affordable

Startups need to keep costs as low as possible. Shopify is very affordable when compared to other e-commerce platforms. Businesses get everything that is required for a fast and reliable online store for a low monthly cost.

  • Displays a visually appealing e-commerce store to the world

A major aspect for the success of online stores is intuitive use and a visually pleasing UI. The bare minimum theme design of Shopify can bring a store out of the starting gates. It is effortless to enhance the design and feel.

  • It has all the vital marketing tools

Shopify’s e-commerce web development platform was created with a keen eye on marketing outreach, especially for startups, to keep their expenses low. The basic package involves SEO tools and advanced online store analytics. It tells you how customers are searching for products online.

In addition to the SEO integration tools, Shopify also offers a few essential marketing tools like discount codes, social network integration, custom gift cards, store statistics, targeted email marketing, and a coupon engine.

  • It takes care of web hosting

It requires lots of time and technical knowledge to host your e-commerce store. Web hosting has often been a burden for startups. But Shopify takes care of all these aspects right from handling the payment gateway to maintaining the software and paying for hosting.

  • It also takes care of security

Shopify handles security compliance, hacker protection, and security upgrades. Several big brands trust the security of Shopify.

  • Access to world-class customer support

When you are creating an e-commerce store yourself, your developers are your only form of support. Shopify provides email, chat, and phone support for smooth and efficient customer service.

New e-commerce startups are easy to target for hackers, and chances of data breaches are more when businesses are focussed on the number of unique users signing up. Shopify’s custom e-commerce development platform takes care of safety and security compliance. It offers hacker protection and provides security updates from time to time.

Shopify is the preferred choice for most startups as it offers countless advantages. There are several famous brands such as General Motors, CrossFit, Tesla motors, etc. who trust Shopify for the safety of their websites.

If you are looking to take your business online or want to give a new dimension to your existing online store, contact Smart Sight Innovations today to know how Shopify can transform your business.

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