Why Is Laravel One Of The Most Preferred PHP Frameworks For Web Developers?


PHP tops the list of the most appreciated web programming languages around the world. Thus, developers prefer using frameworks that have the potential to help get the best out of PHP. Every structure has its unique capabilities. 

These days, Laravel architecture is attracting developers due to its robust security features, testing automation capabilities, command scheduler plug-in, and beautiful syntax. Laravel has become a hot favorite for firms that offer PHP web development services. 

Created by Taylor Otwell, the open-source, free PHP web framework is available for developers since June 2011. It has been upgraded a lot since then to ensure it remains compatible with rapidly changing technology.  

No matter if the web application is designed for small or a big project, the MVC (Model View Controller) structured Laravel can be suitable for all. It is easy to learn, customize, and its built-in features make the overall web application development easy.  

Laravel is Fanatically Guarded To Reduce Security Risks  

One of the most prominent tasks to be completed before delivery of the application is fixing security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, Laravel’s codebase offers in-built protection against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, and other serious risks. 

The framework offers protection against third-party fake requests by using CSRF tokens. Its native support against XSS attacks is perhaps the best one around. The architectural pattern, Eloquent ORM, restricts SQL queries modification with PDO binding.

Passwords are stored in the hashed form in the database instead of plain text. Combined with other security features, Laravel ensures no one can access crucial data and resources on the framework in an unauthorized manner.

Put simply, the authorization; authentication features play a crucial role in the app security. It denies unauthorized requests, controls access to secure resources, and makes the access claims handling easy. 

Built-in Testing Features

For ensuring that the software is free of errors, bugs, and issues that can lead to crashes, the developer needs to spend enormous time on testing the application. Laravel’s structure is built with testing in mind. Its dedicated ‘phpunit.xml file’ for testing with PHPUnit often receives appreciation from industry experts. The ability to change the configuration environment to ‘testing’ helps in saving time.  

Expressive testing procedures can be performed quickly with convenient PHP helper functions. Overall, creating and running tests was never so easy. 

Using Laravel Cron for Automating Tasks

Generating reports, database cleanup, sending emails are some of the periodic tasks that need to be performed daily in a planned manner. Laravel’s Cron task scheduler can be programmed to perform the specified functions for specific days, weeks, months at the selected time.  

These processes can be scheduled with Cron Table configuration file. The application can work faster, and the cost of hosting can be kept under control.  

Cuts Down The Time Spent On Writing Lines Of Code 

Codes for form validation, cache cleaning, basic authentication, social login integration, are pre-implemented in the framework, making it efficient and faster. Pre-built functions in the structure can save several hours spent on writing hundreds of lines of code. 

Blade Templating Engine 

Developers can write specific codes with powerful pre-defined templates. These are dynamic, intuitive, and light-weighted ones. The feature helps in making the website light-weighted without impacting its performance. Developers can also opt for their own plain and straightforward PHP codes. 

API and Drivers That Support Mail And Automate Email Notifications

Laravel web applications can quickly send email notifications after selected events using cloud-based or local service. Laravel also offers drivers for Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mandrill, Mailgun, and SMTP.

A dedicated API is available over the Swift Mailer library. Besides emails, sending notifications via text messages and other channels also becomes easy.

Managing Time-consuming Tasks With A Queue System

 Besides processing email notification and managing communication between different parts of the application, there are hundreds of other backend tasks that the app handles every second. 

So, developers use Laravel’s message queue system for load balancing. With queues, time-consuming tasks can be auto-programmed to be performed at a later stage. The system ensures that web requests are processed quickly at all times.

Ample Community Support Makes It Easy To Learn 

Developers with limited knowledge of coding do not need to spend hours researching as community-level support and documentation is optimal. Besides, there are several courses, tutorials, and code snippets available online. So, making decisions and implementing changes remains easy.

Laravel’s Monolog Logging Library Method For Error Handling  

Even a small error on the company’s website can lead to loss of business and hamper the firm’s reputation. Data entry forms on most of the sites can prove to be a point of detection for bugs. The Monolog logging library integrated with Laravel helps in detecting such hidden errors in the data submitted via forms. The feature gets updates from Laravel regularly, resulting in lesser errors. Monolog can transfer logs to web services, databases, email, sockets, and files.

Database Migration Remains Easy 

The inbuilt database migration mechanism in the Laravel framework supports the pairing of databases, making the procedure easy, smooth, and quick. It saves a lot of time spent on re-creating databases. It can also be shared between multiple developers.

Laravel for Creating Multi-lingual Apps

An international web application needs to offer multiple language support. It should be able to adjust automatically according to the language that the user’s browser requests. Fortunately, Laravel’s localization features make this possible. It also offers language strings for validation and errors. 

Last but not least, choosing the Laravel framework also helps developers to speed up development and ensure the website goes live as quickly as possible. The web app’s performance remains excellent at all times due to the advanced features. 

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