Why Should Developers Use Golang For Cross-platform Or Native App Development?

Developed by Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer under Google, the computer programming language Golang (Go) was released for the public in 2009. The trio had also worked on essential aspects of JVM, UNIX, C, and B. So, when Google decided to finance Go, the firm selected the best talent to create the future-proof language. 

Cross-Platform Language

Google’s intention behind developing the same was to combine the C programming language’s syntax with features from multiple modern languages. Thus, Go offers type inheritance, pointer arithmetic, method, and operator overloading as well as other features. Golang is open-source; therefore, making it efficient, cleaner, and better with time remains an easy task.

The cross-platform language can be used with various platforms like UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems that work on mobile devices as well. 

Go made it in the headlines two years back (2017) when it managed to beat Python, C, as well as Java to win the programming language of the year title. The achievement visible on the Tiobe Index triggered even more interest in Go amongst developers. 

Golang has been witnessing superb growth in popularity since 2016 due to its pragmatic nature and ease of learning. Several developers have strengthened their programming skills in the same. 

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, IBM, The New York Times, BBC, Docker, Dropbox, Apple, YouTube, and of course, Google use Golang in some of their apps. 

At present, developers have several programming language options to be used for developing native and cross-platform apps. But, Go makes it in the list of impressive ones due to its simplicity of the code, safety, and combine concurrency.

Faster and Cheaper For Development 

It is free of type inheritance and classes, plus, the structure and syntax are simple. Golang is easy to learn as it is based on functions. Firms urge developers to use the same as the development procedure is cheaper and faster. Apps can be planned, developed, and launched in the market quickly. 

Expert developers who have worked on multiple languages suggest Golang’s performance is much better in comparison to Python versions 2 and 3. Its resources are affordable in contrast with those offered by Python Threads.

Features like the concurrency model and enhanced CPU scalability play a significant role in its performance. The language’s concurrent nature helps in saving time as multiple processes can be run simultaneously. Its concurrency is as efficient as that of Java, C++, and C. 

Gofmt, the language’s formatting tool, has proved to be another game-changer. 

Developers Can Learn Golang Easily 

Several developers prefer Golang while shifting from old languages to a new one. Go is easy to follow, and looks like other learned languages with minor changes in the syntax. Developers can learn the same within a short period as the documentation is simple. 

Adding code samples, profiling, testing is easy due to the simple API provided by the language. Developers can run parallel tests and do much more simultaneously. 

Professionals who use the standard library find writing a command line as something straightforward. 

The flexible language can be used in a wide range of apps, including advanced Machine Learning, Big Data powered ones. Several firms choose Go language for microservices and back-end apps development instead of JavaScript.

The Best Use Of Allocated Memory 

The Go language does not need interpretation as it is a compiled language. It helps in freeing up power to help the app in ensuring better performance. The allocated memory is utilized correctly, and the users get the best possible experience.  

Overall, Go powered apps also manage to show an impressive performance on older devices as the application remains lesser-demanding when it comes to system requirements. Better performance on older phones means more users and more money. 

Also, Golang has the potential to get the best out of processor resources. Thus, apps use lesser RAM and run as a single process while running in the background. Chances of Go-powered app crashing due to lack of memory remain lesser due to the non-system thread nature. Google has designed the same to extract the best out of multiple cores.

Secured Framework 

The entire framework remains secure as the language is strongly and statically typed. The developers need to be straightforward about the type of data that needs to be passed through. 

Superb Library 

Golang comes with packages that can help in handling cryptography, I/O, and even a web server. Its built-in functions and rich library ensure the developer does not require third-party widgets. There is ample community support from half a million programming experts.

GoDoc Documentation Engine 

GoDoc is a tool used in analyzing code for creating documentation pages. It does not depend on the use of any other language like JSDoc, PHPDoc, and JavaDoc. It can extract enough information from the code to create structure, outline, and format documentation. Getting links for the version control repository, code examples, and cross-referencing become more comfortable due to the formatted and structured technical documentation in GoDoc. 

Slowly Set To Become One Of The Preferred Languages

Google’s team developed it to make life easy for working programmers rather than creating something for academic pursuits. Engineers around the world appreciate languages that are easy to learn, maintainable, concurrent, and have built-in testing tools. In addition to these features, most of the popular cloud providers offer SDKs that can work with Go-powered apps. So, the language’s popularity has witnessed considerable momentum during recent years. 

Put simply, Go enables engineers to develop performant, lightweight, testable, and maintainable code. Its robust tooling, vibrant ecosystem, static typing, and overall simplicity have helped it in growing organically and retaining a fan base. 

Believe it or not, the app can be programmed to handle 10000 requests each second with the help of the Golang language. Engineers at Smart Sight Innovations have been practicing Golang for several years. If you wish to work with a reputed mobile app development company in India, you should consider discussing your project with Smart Sight Innovations. The custom mobile app development company has several iOS and Android apps for various industries.

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