8 Growth Hacks That’ll Increase Your Online Sales by 10x

Ecommerce continues to attract a larger audience. It is an established fact that bringing businesses online skyrockets sales and success, which is not surprising given the wide reach and the previously inaccessible avenues that an ecommerce website reaches out to.  But to have a successful ecommerce website, businesses need to put in some hard yards and get in touch with a result-oriented Ecommerce development company

To ensure businesses achieve success with ecommerce ventures, we have curated a few important points below: 

8 Keys to Your Ecommerce Success

1. Branding

Branding is a critical aspect in the ecommerce sector as compared to others as people only buy what they trust. For businesses to gain their customer’s trust, it is essential that their virtual presence portrays a sense of professionalism and competence while exuding a sense of willingness to satisfy the needs of the customer. 

Hire an accomplished graphic designer who can communicate the brand values to the visitors of your ecommerce website as well as a good logo, name, and brand patterns. You can also take help from an ecommerce development company who can create a fully functioning website from scratch.


2. Website Design

The website’s design is vital to make visitors and potential customers spend more time on your website, while also encouraging them to share your presence with their social group and also frequent your website in the future. 

The user interface should be friendly and intuitive, without being too overwhelming. The website should be easy to use, so people do not get confused and stressed when visiting your shop.


3. SEO

With the increasing relevance of search engines and their potential to direct more customers to relevant products and services, search engine optimization (SEO) is a must to ensure your user base is first able to find you on the internet and then secure conversions from those who visit such ecommerce websites. Hire professionals to write your product descriptions, about us pages and anything that needs a writer. Keep your website SEO optimized to rank on the first page of Google. Seems like a lot? Well, ecommerce development companies will cover all these bases for you.


4. Contact and Information

Make a separate page for the About Us and Contact Us sections, as they add a professional touch to your ecommerce website. It will also make your website eligible for AdSense approval. Provide top-notch customer service and make certain that contact information includes customer care phone numbers, headquarters’ email, among other modes of communication.


5. Marketing

Promote, promote, promote! Give discounts and offers to get prominence in this challenging sphere.

Use social media for advertising. A meticulously planned social media campaign can get you a lot of traffic which can then be converted to clients. Keep your social media account for your business separate from your personal account and update it with the latest offers, deals, and products.

Email marketing is another way to market your website and products. Content writers can provide you with new email structures to send to your clients. But for email marketing, it is necessary to ask your customers to sign up first and provide their email address. Make such communications smooth and interesting, without giving the impression that you are requesting their email to spam their inbox.


6. Payment Methods

Even though we have come a long way from the days of shopping at supermarkets for almost all our requirements, not all customers who shop online are comfortable making online payments. There are still a significant number of online shoppers who prefer offline modes of payment, while there are still many who like to complete the entire transaction online. 

In order to cater to a wider audience, have multiple payment options on your ecommerce website, including cash on delivery. People mostly look for money on delivery when they first visit your shop/website.

Even for online payments, have multiple payment methods. For starters, provide the most used payment apps like Google Pay, UPI, Bank Transfer, Paytm, and even PayPal and Payoneer, if your target audience includes international clients. The payment process should not be confusing and cumbersome, as it will lead to high cart abandonment rates. On the contrary, payment processes should be quick and easy.


7. Feedback

Take constant feedback about delivery times, product quality, website, and other aspects that can improve the customer experience. Categorize feedback into pertinent sections for the relevant department to look at and modify your website accordingly. This is imperative because only a customer can tell you what is going wrong with your website.


8. Consult a Professional Ecommerce Development Company

Ecommerce development companies are the right choice for businesses looking to build their first ecommerce website. An ecommerce development company charges you a certain fee to build a dynamic website that is optimized for search engines. But a logo for your brand and/ or business is something that businesses need to arrive at on their own, by providing graphic designers a brief about the business and what it aims to be. Some ecommerce development companies might help you with marketing as well. So, choose a suitable ecommerce company that best fits your requirements.


Wrapping up

If you are very passionate about your website, its design, layout, structure, and related aspects, it is ideal to work with experts in each field. Get separate designers, web developers, and content writers, and then arrange them into a team to build your website. But following all these tasks to closure would be hectic, not to mention the time and money it takes to regularly coordinate with multiple professionals, which is why businesses would be well served to work with an ecommerce development company that can provide all these services under one roof. 

If you are also in search of a company that can assist you in achieving ecommerce success, get in touch with Smart Sight Innovations.

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