HealthCare & Mobile: Healthy Life Is Just A Click Away

Indeed, the world is a beautiful place to live in. Thanks to technology and its innovative utilities that have made people-to-people connect so heart-warming, easy and sustainable. Right from the confines of our homes, we can bond, share and build relationships over a mere click of a button. Technology has entered every nook and corner of our lives and moved beyond the constraints of space and time. Yes, today, a click says it all.

Mobile Technology- the ideal gateway

HealthCareAppsIn the recent years, mobile technology has made a phenomenal impact on the healthcare industry. The penetration of smartphone mobile devices, in particular, has changed the entire dynamics of healthcare management. Through an app system, patients now are able to connect with health organisations and medical professionals of their choice. Whether it is
getting pinged about upcoming appointments, receiving health alert messages, viewing test reports, ordering for medicines, or having a video chat with a nurse or physician, mobile technology has become the ideal gateway to enhancing patient engagement with healthcare providers.

Especially patients taking regular medication find great respite utilizing mobile technology. It can remind them to take medicines at correct intervals, record their health status and even send the report to physicians or specialists electronically. Doctors too are not required to deal with their patients’ procrastinating habits or irregularities. They are easily able to monitor the health progress in time.


The beauty of video- conferencing

Video ConferencingAmong the many mobile applications that have captured the physician or health consumer’s imagination, the development of video conferencing system is empowering the healthcare system in the most effective way. A video-enabled chat through the computer, Ipad or tablet, allows patients to interact on-one-one with a physician online, share their grievances and discuss their case in detail. By opting for video conferencing, patients who are bedridden or
living with restricted mobility can see their doctor, right from where they are. They do not have to go through the whole grind of securing an appointment or wait endlessly for their turn. Similarly, doctors, in turn, can execute a whole range of operations – from doing an initial consultation, diagnosing, to prescribing medicines, maintaining follow-ups and monitoring the patient from time to time.

Reaping the benefits

Both patients and medical professionals are meant to benefit from the growing use of video conferencing in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals are able to access information easily, enhance and share knowledge and hone their abilities in a way that will help them strengthen relationships with patients and clients in a more rewarding way. Moreover, the tool helps reduce travel costs; it allows doctors to use their time more efficiently, reduce waiting room congestion and see more patients, particularly those who are homebound and do not have easy access to hospitals. On the other hand, patients can avail the medical treatment for the commonest and addressable ailments from virtual doctors from the comfort of their homes. In the whole process, the people-to-people connect becomes powerful and a healthy, harmonious and productive ecosystem is generated for effective healthcare management.

Storehouse of information- Websites and its features

Only a streamlined digital landscape offers a quick way to create a connected healthcare system where patients, doctors, and health organisation are in complete sync with one another’s needs. A site optimised for mobile will help reach patients even faster. The website will comprise of content around healthcare terms relevant to key practices of the health care entity. Thus, patients would browse the site for information based on their symptoms and condition. Other features of the site would include medical directories, patients’ satisfaction surveys, a platform for learning and collaboration among doctors, medical journal articles, and online patients’ health reports.

The healthcare software solutions would include patient relationship, appointment and health record management system. A dynamic website with patient-centered content and insights into best practices will always inspire for a rich viewing, making way for prospective patients who will start engaging for a customised system that will fulfill their needs. The most widely used MVC framework currently is Codeigniter or Magento which is also an Open source software license.

Mobile optimisation – the way to better health

The app-based system has features of call and video chat with doctors for a subscription fee. While this service is not meant to eliminate the need for having a primary physician, but doctors accessible through the app will diagnose, recommend treatment and (depending on the state) prescribe medication for non-emergency medical issues including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, etc.

Mobile optimization would make health services and information easier to read and navigate. Communication improves and the healthcare organization’s credibility gains good prominence.

So the next time you need to go to the doctor, do not rush, just sit back and fire up your smartphone. Custom -made apps are simply smarter, rich in functionality and easier to use. Being a pioneering, mobile app development firm, we believe in offering excellent mobile app development solutions and services to our clients involved in healthcare sector boosting their business profitability.

We actively work towards creating the best outcomes for our customers. And we are just a click away!

Good to know! (In box)

  • Doctors carrying mobile devices will be more reachable for consultation with patients. They will have instant access to complex patient data
  • Through video conferencing, doctors can collaborate with professionals from other hospitals for better learning and improved customer care.
  • With immediate access to test results, images and other professionals, patient care is timely, accurate and precise.
  • In a remote set up or location, doctors can directly communicate with their staff allocated for patient’s care, thereby improving delivery of treatment.
  • Mobile technology serves as a convenient medium for patients and hospitals to do a thorough check prescriptions and monitor hospital discharge instructions. Medication accuracy, a high concern for patient safety could improve as a result.
  • Mobile technologies offer information on the newest and greatest evidence-based medical practices.
  • With greater and better access to knowledge, newer ideas and perspectives, patient care attains a higher value and more people would want to utilize the services provided by medical professionals. 
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