Top 5 Ecommerce Development Trends in 2020

The recent developments in the ecommerce industry have resulted in this sector witnessing unprecedented growth, not only in India, but all over the world. Indeed, ecommerce retail sales will reach a mark of US$ 45 billion in 2021 – only in India – and is anticipated to reach US$ 62 billion by the year 2023.

These stats highlight the success of ecommerce development. The increased popularity of ecommerce is forcing many sellers to shift to online platforms to sell their products and services and expand their business. Such tremendous growth in this sector has led to a parallel increase in ecommerce development services around the world.

Additionally, if an individual wants to create an ecommerce website or understand how ecommerce development works worldwide, it is important to be aware and up to date with the latest trends in this segment.  Here, we list a few of the recent trends that will boom in the year 2021:


Social Commerce

Social Commerce is such an essential trend of ecommerce development that one can’t afford to miss it. To achieve higher profits and benefits from ecommerce, understanding social commerce is a must. Today, online shoppers have an integrated experience on social media, allowing them to access the best deals.

People can understand products more effectively, and this, too, increases the efficiency of ads on social media platforms. People even follow the respective links and profiles of certain brands so that they can receive regular updates and decide on buying their products.


Voice Commerce

With the increasing impact of ecommerce development, the number of smart speaker users is expected to increase by 18% by 2021. This points to the rise of voice commerce around the world. This recent development in ecommerce may be available in your cart as early as next year and will further boost ecommerce sales in the coming years.

Therefore, when businesses decide to create an online store, he/she must consider voice commerce in their ecommerce website development strategy to cater to the new age shopper with a view to achieve increased sales revenues.

The ways to prepare an ecommerce site for voice search are:

  • Add new skills to Alexa as well as Google Assistant
  • Optimize content to display invoice queries
  • Offer voice-based navigation on your website and app
  • Provide a smooth flow to purchase products through voice search


Omnichannel Selling

Today, shopping is not bound to a particular channel; therefore, omnichannel selling has acquired a unique position as a new online business practice.

Nowadays, customers have the luxury to purchase products on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and many such online platforms. Therefore, choosing the Omnichannel Selling option has become the new normal in this online era. This practice should also be an integral part of an ecommerce development strategy.

Here are some of the ways to enhance the omnichannel experience:

  • Offering personalized customer-driven experience
  • Optimizing the site for mobile gadgets and if budget allows, try investing in a PWA
  • To offer a personalized experience, offer tools like an SAP commerce cloud



Smartphone users are completely enamored by VR (virtual reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies and are immensely excited with the possibilities that these technologies open up when it comes to an online shopping experience. AR/VR technology has revolutionized several industries and is a boon for the ecommerce sector which could enable customers experience a live shopping environment from the cushy confines of their homes.

While this might seem like a script right out of a sci-fi movie, AR/VR experts are working tirelessly to make this not only a reality, but a common sight for consumers across the world – which will enable ecommerce businesses add the oomph to their customer experience objectives, while adding a wow factor to a customer’s otherwise mundane trip to the local super market.


Increase in Mobile Shopping

Due to the increase in online customers’ buying power, there has been a tremendous rise in ecommerce development around the world. People are more comfortable purchasing products online rather than considering offline stores.

None of the businesses can ignore the power of mobile optimization when we consider ecommerce development. In 2020, one of the hottest trends in the market was creating mobile-optimized websites for ecommerce businesses. However, the same will continue in 2021 as well. It is essential to offer a pleasing experience on both handheld devices and desktops to help businesses stay competitive in the market.


Wrapping up

With ecommerce development, online shopping is attaining new heights. Businesses must choose the best ecommerce website development company to develop a cutting-edge portal that will help kickstart their online business journey. Reach out to the experts at Smart Sight Innovations today to leverage the surge in ecommerce transactions by taking your business online!

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