Why Choose Native Magento Mobile Apps For Your Online Store?

Originally, the purpose of mobile phones was perceived as a device that only makes and receives calls. The true miracle started with the power of the internet harnessed in the tiny device that opened the horizons for businesses to connect to customers with mobile apps. If you want to connect to customers easily, you too can do it by hiring a Magento mobile app development company, to build a customized mobile app.

Several e-stores experienced a huge improvement in engagement and conversions with the use of a mobile app. The rate of success with the use of the Magento mobile app is much higher compared to responsive web designs. However, though Magento is very user-friendly, one needs to have the required technical knowledge to create a good mobile app for your e-store.

This is the reason why businesses are looking for professional services to build a mobile app version of the e-commerce store. Developing a Magento mobile app is a priority for businesses now to stay ahead of the competition.

What is Magento Mobile App?

Magento is the most powerful and popular open-source platform for e-commerce. It empowers brands and retailers all over the world with the best e-commerce solutions. It is the  most flexible and functional cloud solution that helps businesses grow rapidly and innovate.

There are a lot of successful merchant sites like eBay that use Magento mobile apps to grow their business which is because of the feature-rich, scalable, secure and affordable nature of the mobile apps that this platform enables. The modular architecture of Magento offers total control to the e-commerce merchants and there is no constraint in the business flow and processes with its use.

Magento mobile apps have thousands of extensions and unparalleled features. Everything that a business needs is available in Magento apps. Here are a few salient features of the Magento platform.

Key Features of Magento Mobile Apps Extensions

Several Magento mobile app extensions are available to create excellent mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Some apps are created specifically for iOS devices, while some are meant only for Android devices. For e-commerce stores catering to various markets and also offering a premium experience for the users, a custom extension of the Magento mobile app is the key.

A Magento mobile app can come with;

  • Integrated APIs that create a fully functional and comprehensive mobile application for e-commerce stores.
  • Different mobile themes that can seamlessly align with the e-commerce store feel and look.
  • Major payment gateways like PayPal, e-wallets and credit cards, etc. which are supported by this platform. It also supports different types of currencies if there is a need.
  • Easy filtering of products and categories and one can add promotional codes.
  • Integrated customer support during the development phase of the Magento mobile app. With such a facility, customers have a one-touch feature to get connected with customer support.

What Features Are Built For Customers In Magento Mobile App?

Several features are available in the Magento mobile app builders which can improve customer experience.

  • Possibility of using multiple languages in the Magento mobile app.
  • Customers can find the closest location in the store locator feature built in the mobile app.
  • The integration of loyalty points and rewards in the mobile application is possible which provides benefits to customers who shop through the mobile app.
  • Single point customer support with the touch of a button.
  • Several supported payment gateways to choose from.

With the help of a reputed Magento development company in India, an e-commerce store can easily create a customized mobile app. It can match the specifications of the customers through customer insights and analytical data.

Benefits That A Business Can Have With Magento Mobile App

A Magento mobile app developed by a professional company can provide various benefits to a business. Here are a few key benefits that can make a business stand out and become profitable.

  • High Affordability: Since Magento is an open-source platform, it is readily available and also includes updates and support from the highly responsive community. Magento can offer suitable options to select a hosting service and with cloud hosting, the cost of ownership becomes low.
  • Multilingual Support: The Magento mobile app supports multiple languages without manual effort. With a few simple steps, one can convert the banner, content, and images into the desired languages. Multilingual support is also available in the voice search option and customers can find the desired products easily.
  • One Page Checkout: The shopping cart process is very simple and highly optimized. It can be on one page or one can also create extra pages as required. There are also other viable features like one-click payment and shipping to multiple addresses as per the end user’s convenience.
  • Catalog Management: Unified management of product catalogs across various categories is available in the Magento CMS. Thus, if there are many products to sell, a Magento app can be the best solution for you. It is also possible to apply group updates with the administration interface that can save a lot of time. 
  • Push Notifications: For a brick and mortar store, a hoarding displaying ‘sale’ can attract a lot of customers. For an e-store, the mobile app serves this purpose by generating push notifications and instant alerts to customers. With this, businesses can inform customers about discounts & deals in real time. While working with a professional Magento app developer, you may ask to build these features in your app. 
  • Secure Online Transactions: The payment process in an e-commerce store is a sensitive and highly confidential procedure. Customers need to have absolute faith upon the e-commerce provider with regard to privacy of their confidential financial information. Magento payment gateway is highly secure and it keeps all information encrypted.

The Magento platform ensures absolute safety of the records of the customers, transactions made by them and the orders placed. A professional Magento app development company should be able to provide you an app that can offer a seamless mobile checkout experience. Also, there can be an auto-fill option of the payment information that can help to shorten the time of the transaction.

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  • Fast loading: Another wonderful benefit that you can have with the Magento application is that it can provide you tools to develop native Progressive Web Apps. With it, online retailers can create e-commerce stores that have very fast loading pages and it can help to improve conversions. Ultimately, customers want quick search results and the Magento app can fulfill this need explicitly.

In short, a native Magento mobile app can help you to stay competitive and win the hearts of customers to make your business successful.

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