Why Is Secure Ecommerce Web Development Important?

COVID-19 has changed business practices across the globe. Online media and virtual business were definitely growing, but the pandemic has forced businesses to enter the online space even more aggressively, to better serve their target audience. As online business systems are proliferating, the owners and marketers are more concerned about security measures. Significantly, an ecommerce business should have optimal security to prevent data breaches or online thefts. 

Here we focus on the web security importance for the ecommerce industry where the scenario has been completely overhauled since the onset of COVID-19.

Almost every online business’s IT environment is created with unbreachable security to the core system. But an unanticipated shift to remote working compelled ecommerce businesses to ease access to various systems, as a result of which, a secure ecommerce web development environment has become a necessity these days.

In the early days after the world came to terms with the gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic, and when businesses affected by the pandemic were looking to establish their presence in the online space, there were only minor changes that were implemented in the system level designs. But the huge surge in demand has undoubtedly made such businesses a potential target for those with mala fide intentions.  It is a fact that cyber attackers are aware of the rise in online shopping trends and target vulnerabilities in this space which puts businesses as well as their critical data at risk.  

Further, cyber attackers come in all shapes and sizes; targeting businesses across the spectrum, especially those ecommerce businesses that have enabled remote working. In general, there are two ways the attackers can infiltrate websites; Phishing scams, and Ransomware, also known as malware. It means that robust, secure ecommerce web development is a necessity these days. Businesses that are already operating an online store with massive traffic, should immediately strengthen their website security measures.  

Let us understand the types of cyber-attacks that the ecommerce industry is typically subjected to, which can be prevented by deploying state-of-the-art security at the time of the ecommerce web development process. 


Credit Card Frauds

This is still a typical method of attack faced by most ecommerce websites. Tracing fraudulent activities is an essential step, but it is not as easy as it seems, especially when websites process almost thousands of deals and other requests each day. 



Cyber attackers use this method to steal people’s personal information, such as credit card details, from the checkout processing page of ecommerce websites.

It is an immense security threat in the ecommerce industry since customers can be easily tricked through external gateways and links to the payment page. Cybercriminals can also access the website through third-party apps. 


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Threats

This type of cyber-attack typically sees the hackers flood the site’s server with thousands of requests from multiple IP addresses (which are troublesome to trace).

But in the current scenario, with most of the attacks resulting from IoT devices being manipulated, it can potentially lead to website downtime. This also opens the website to significant threats like the influx of malware into business systems.

These are just a few of the major cyber-attacks that can wreck ecommerce businesses. As technology is advancing, the sophistication of the cyber-attacks is bound to get worse and it is imperative that developers stay two steps ahead by deploying security measures considering the potential of the coming developments. The constant developments in this field can be overwhelming for many and while complete security is never guaranteed, businesses that apply robust security measures through reliable ecommerce web development can surely minimize the threats and be well equipped to handle any and all security concerns. 


How To Overcome Challenges

To combat the security challenges in the ecommerce industry, businesses first need to identify the type (mentioned above) of cyber-attacks and their mediums. Here are some countermeasures that businesses must deploy to protect essential data.

  • Identify important assets and protect them by developing an unbreachable security solution. It would be helpful to ask the ecommerce web development service provider to suggest the best solutions based on variables like the type of business, scale etc.
  • Organizations should prepare an in-depth interpretation of vulnerabilities and likely threats to bolster their existing security measures.
  • Implement a robust control system depending on the employees’ authorization to block unofficial access.
  • Establish solid cybersecurity strategies and advance the awareness levels within the business.

Undoubtedly, businesses need to recognize modern cybercriminals’ sophistication and the methods they use. If the essential security measures are applied while executing ecommerce web development, your ecommerce business will be adequately steeled to overcome any security threats. 

Today, it requires more than just a traditional antivirus and firewall software to prevent cybercrime in the ecommerce industry. Several ecommerce businesses across the globe are witnessing a tremendous surge in their online demand due to the pandemic. This has forced organizations to take up stringent standards to safeguard their operations and revenue channels.

By embracing the best security practices and using SaaS-based networks alongside skilled professionals, companies can support their business functions and customers. Smart Sight Innovations, an award-winning ecommerce development company, offers the most secure, scalable ecommerce web development solutions. We assure ultimate security so that you do not have to worry about data breaches or any fraudulent activities while you expand your business. 

If you are looking for ecommerce web development with ultimate security measures, you are at the right spot! Connect with us to know more about our cutting edge and secure ecommerce development solutions.

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