Can Using Videos Boost E-commerce Sales?

Can Using Videos Boost E-commerce SalesVideo marketing is one of the most successful methods of digital marketing in recent years. It facilitates marketing operations, including lead generation and demand generation with its marketing campaigns.




Importance of Videos in E-commerce

Videos make it easier to get your point through and attract customers. Additionally, you’ll see higher conversion rates and improvements in your site’s SEO profile. You should include videos in your e-commerce marketing for a variety of reasons, some of them are:


  • Videos instantly attract attention and they offer the quickest and most enjoyable way to learn anything.
  • Using videos in marketing strategies generates more qualified leads annually.
  • Videos make it easy for businesses to simplify even the most complicated subjects into simple-to-understand messages.
  • Customers who previously just had an abstract understanding of the product can see it, feel it, and even buy it.
  • People trust a video testimonial more than a written one as it is more credible and gives a deeper sense of legitimacy and trust.
  • Videos help people spend more time on your website, resulting in your content ranking higher on Google SERP.


According to a survey, when people watch a message in a video, they retain 95% of it as compared to 10% when they read it in text. Another survey found that 72% of consumers would like to watch a video to learn more about a product and 84% of individuals claim that watching a brand’s video persuaded them to purchase a product.


Creating and Promoting Impactful Videos

Making and distributing videos that have an impact requires careful planning. The following ideas can help you during the creation and promotion processes:


  1. Even though product videos are crucial, you shouldn’t ignore the other stages of the customer journey and conversion process because it’s tempting to jump right to the product page, which is typically near the end of the purchasing cycle.
  2. Retargeting and lead generation go together, wherein you can retarget someone with an appropriate landing page when they show an interest in a video, perhaps by watching it longer than the average viewer. Alternatively, you could retarget them with a second video intended to further qualify leads.
  3. You need to match the right video with the right platform, where generally brand awareness films are typically shorter and thus more suited for short-form social networks like TikTok and Instagram. Your videos may get longer as you move down the sales funnel since more prospects are willing to watch them for longer periods.
  4. You should include your videos in various places on your website and at various stages of sales and purchasing. They can be used in a variety of locations besides product pages. For instance, the latest videos can be posted on your blog section, etc. By inserting videos across your website, you will receive greater viewership and improve customer experience.


Video Marketing to Increase E-commerce Sales

When it comes to building e-commerce websites, a vital aspect is to use video marketing to boost e-commerce sales. This involves creating certain kinds of videos that can communicate a message and stimulate a response or action from the viewer. Below are some ways in which you can use video marketing to increase sales in your business.

1. Advertise Using Videos

When considering video marketing for boosting sales, social media ads are the best place as they produce better engagement results. You can make commercial videos and use paid distribution and post them on social media.


You may promote your videos on any major social network, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get great results. According to reports, social media videos get around 50% more views.


2. Describe How Your Product Operates

You can also create videos that explain how to use the product by defining all of its features and functionalities in detail. This will help your audience understand what your product is about.


Product demo videos showcase a product’s characteristics and advantages and also illustrate how to use it. These videos provide you the chance to visually describe its features and defend its merits.


They are especially useful and effective for technical products or those that are still relatively new or little understood by potential customers. You can utilize this type of video to boost sales as people are more inclined to purchase a product after seeing an accompanying explainer film. Explainer videos are known to boost conversion rates by as much as 80%.


3. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A video testimonial is a fantastic approach and an effective marketing strategy to demonstrate the worth of the services or goods you offer in your online store. This tactic is easy and rather straightforward and is about taking advantage of the client’s video reactions to make the sale.


You just need to reach out to your customer, who is satisfied with the purchase and ask them to record a video discussing the benefits of utilizing your product. The advantage of video testimonials is that they are more likely to be watched than any other type of testimonial.


4. Business Mission and Values

Every marketing video may not be for selling or a review of your product. You can also create videos to reach your target audience by explaining your company’s values and mission, known as brand videos.


They work to make your brand more well-known and to provide your online store with a competitive advantage. Sharing your goal and beliefs with others can help you differentiate yourself from rival retailers and encourage customers to shop with you.


5. Case Study Videos

Highlighting how your product has helped your customers accomplish a goal that matters to your target audience, is a popular video marketing tactic. These are also known as case study videos where people certify the excellence or worth of your product.


These videos need to be an effective piece of information that shares actual client success tales after they have used your goods. You must highlight the benefits of the products that a customer has gained and provide examples of their usage.


The difference between testimonials and case studies is that a testimonial is a brief review of the product or service and the total value it has brought to the customer, while case studies are in-depth information about a particular customer’s experience.

The most efficient method of ensuring that potential customers comprehend the look and functionality of your product and are comfortable making a purchase is through visual communication. You must use e-commerce videos to boost conversions and provide a better user experience. Once you add them to your product page, you can create videos for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

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