10 Best platform for eCommerce Website Development

The e-Commerce industry has very a unique tendency of evolving incessantly and growing by revenue and size. No wonder, every e-Commerce developer is pressured by e-Commerce firms and start-ups to build them exceptional websites to act as their ‘business portfolio’.

Now, the catch is there are about 1.8 billion websites on the internet, confirms the January 2018 Netcraft Survey. The number seems to have increased steadily over the last consecutive years, making the internet the necessary factor for realizing millennial dreams.

From blogging sites, websites for individuals, service providers, businesses, e-Commerce stores, etc, the web hoards a multitude of sites which is nearly thrice the number of registered domains. In fact, post the 1999’s dot com bubble, the rise of e-Commerce, cloud-based solutions, mobile, social media and many other cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI have has caused far-reaching impacts for businesses by driving them to explore digital fields.

Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay are a few names that have openly demonstrated and set a standard in terms of the way a customer-centric website must perform, allowing brands to become ubiquitous and grow at a global scale. And with over a billion sites and e-Commerce growing out to be the trillion-dollar industry, any small and upcoming business would have too much pressure to outperform rivals by building a unique e-Commerce website. Even with all the research and sufficient financial backing by a VC, any e-Commerce firm and start-up will have a million questions about building an e-commerce site that caters to all their requirements.

Numerous e-Commerce development tools and are simplifying the developers’ task of catering to the most unique requirements of all their customers through a fully functional, responsive, SEO and mobile-friendly websites. Based on the recent market research and reviews compiled below are the 10 best platforms for building great e-Commerce websites:

  • Shopify: Shopify is the leading online shop builder that has rightfully earned the tagline, ‘website builder expert’ and powers over 500,000 e-Commerce sites. The firm has helped businesses generate nearly 40 billion worth of revenue from sales by serving as a one-stop-shop for website building and having all the tools required for a successful online e-Commerce site. It is best known for enabling developers to create flexible, professional-looking and mobile-ready websites with all the tools necessary for automating and simplifying complex buying activities and business functions.
  • Magento: Magento’s e-Commerce development solutions is fullstack of services and tools that support a wide band of needs of customers from UI/UX, development, B2B solutions, integration, migration, support, strategy, etc. Since its launch in 2008, Magento has successfully rolled out e-Commerce platforms and websites for biggies across different industry segments. Magento is best for large e-Commerce giants and retailers with a high volume of products and merchandise and provides all the technical backing needed for B2B and B2C e-Commerce websites.
  • WordPress: WordPress is ideal to jump-start small, medium and even large businesses at minimal cost to create a fully-integrated e-Commerce website. From taking care of basics like coding from the scratch, setting domain name, web hosting, SEO, blogging, customer engagement to selling and shipping goods and products to customers’ addresses, WordPress makes e-Commerce development simple and profitable.
  • OpenCart: OpenCart is the complete e-commerce guide that helps firms and retailers have professional websites that are affordable, user-friendly and well crafted with unique themes and design templates. OpenCart makes e-Commerce development simple and pocket-friendly alongside guaranteeing superior performance and reliable hosting solution. Multiple server locations, free CDN, caching options, daily backup and 24/7 services and support offered by OpenCart helps make e-Commerce websites faster, safer and better equipped to serve customers on the go!
  • BigCommerce: This paid hosted e-Commerce solution provider serves customers with its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that has a monthly fee attached. It is best known for a wide array of customizable templates and ability to sell physical and digital goods. It is also well received for its simplicity factor by customers that are not technologically strong. As for the tech-savvy clients, BigCommerce allows e-Commerce developers to adjust the HTML and CSS of the site.
  • WooCommerce: Rated 9/10 for its support and ease of use, WooCommerce can be leveraged to woo customers by building any kind of e-Commerce website with 100 percent free base plugin. WooCommerce tools are easier to understand and implement if the developer is serving an existing e-Commerce customer that looking to upgrade to a much comprehensive website builder.
  • Joomla e-Commerce Development: Joomla e-commerce development platform is best known for its massive list of templates, plugin installations, customization, superior support, integration of extensions, multiple payment options, shipment and other features that help make brands and their products visible online.
  • YoKart: Popular for its multi-vendor platforms, YoKart from Fat Bit Technologies is affordable and user-friendly and most ideal development tool for SMBs. Its unique features include robust reporting, real-time tracking of sales, intuitive interface, shipping cost calculator, SEO automation, customer segmentation based on online behavior and high-security features. YoKart is also expanding its foothold by launching its multi-language and currency features to allow customers globally operate their e-Commerce business.
  • PrestaShop: The open-source e-commerce solution provider is written in PHP language. PrestaShop is Paris, France-based international shopping cart solution platform that serves its global customer base to create websites and online stores in multiple languages. It is an easily downloadable software with great customization and integration features. It may require a professional e-Commerce website developer to launch the online store with PrestaShop.
  • 3DCart: This hosting shopping cart software is best suited for small and emerging e-Commerce firms that are looking to build an e-Commerce website from ground up. It allows users to focus on managing the products and services on the online store over development and site-building. Moreover, given that the platform is hosted, it does not require any downloads or users may not run the risk of facing server-related problems.

The list does not end right here. Given the burgeoning competition and ongoing changes in the e-Commerce industry, retail and e-Commerce firms can test with other custom e-Commerce development tools from MotoCMS, Jimbo, Volusion, and Weebly.

Watch this space for more news and details on e-commerce design and development industry.

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