15 Best Ecommerce Tools in 2021 for Every Business

Before the dawn of the digital revolution, when businesses wanted to run a store, it required a physical, brick-and-mortar setup. This would often lead to many logistical as well as financial challenges, as not all entrepreneurs would have the financial wherewithal to make the upfront  investment and once that was arranged for, there would be other logistical requirements for the business to start its operations.  


The transformation that internet has brought to the entire world along with the increasing ingenuity of ecommerce website development (especially custom website development) has led to exciting prospects in the field of entrepreneurship, where creativity, passion, and a drive to succeed are more important than mere space required to launch a business. 


In today’s era of the internet, anyone can start a business venture by building a custom ecommerce website. Ecommerce website development platforms have shaped many successful businesses over the last by carving a niche for themselves in the digital landscape. 


With powerful ecommerce website development tools like Wix, Square Online, and Shopify, sellers have direct access to buyers and has proven to be a cost-effective, efficient, and popular way to not only run a successful business, but also to possibly grow further. With such large stakes, how do businesses choose which tools to choose for custom website development and start on this life defining and rewarding journey. 


Here we look at some of the most popular and important ecommerce website development tools that can drive your business. 


1. Shopify

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce web development tool with its 360-degree package, a drag-and-drop website builder, a unified dashboard to manage orders, shipping and payments and seamless integrations with many third-party payment gateways. There are multiple pricing plans available depending on the business requirements. 


2. BigCommerce

Any list of best ecommerce web development tools would be incomplete without BigCommerce that offers endless opportunities to build and grow your online business. The flexibility that an open SaaS platform provides, its deep analytics and quick uptime and server response with Google Cloud Platform Storefront, easy customer conversion add-ons like coupons and digital wallets make this a very impressive tool, along with its highly capable SEO features.


3. Wix

Wix is fast becoming a preferred ecommerce web development tool with hundreds of designer-made templates and easy order management and shipping features. Its interface allows automatic optimization for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Their product galleries product layouts are all conversion centric and very pleasing to the eye.


4. JungleScout

Ecommerce businesses usually have multiple sources of sales in addition to their own website, such as Amazon. JungleScout helps with product research to grow your reach on Amazon by searching for any product using keywords, categories or filters and identify those with the highest demand. It searches and mines billions of data points on Amazon to provide accurate information for the best products to sell.


5. KissMetrics

A website analytics tool that provides deep insights into visitor behaviour, as it helps in tracking events and the entire sales funnel. With information such as the source of traffic (ad campaigns, email newsletters, offers, etc.), audience segmentation, comprehensive reports, and sandbox testing, this ecommerce web development tool provides deep analytical nous to ecommerce establishments.


6. Unbounce

A robust ecommerce web development tool to develop landing pages, it supports many advanced features, such as dynamic keyword insertion for Google Ads campaigns, AMP mobile pages, etc.


7. Canva

Many businesses have raved about how they can design logos and create beautiful images using the free version of Canva. Even those with zero designing skills can look like pros using this SaaS platform to produce stunning graphics for online business stores, social media, and any other marketing visuals required to drive more engagement with its thousands of ready templates. 


8. Sourcify

Businesses rely on manufacturers and suppliers to meet their demand. Sourcify attends to this aspect by helping businesses connect with manufacturing platforms across the world to help source and ship stock instantly. Sourcify automates many processes and reduces the load of the procurement.


9. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software that helps manage businesses even as they grow to keep up with revenue and expenses, invoices, reports, and prepare tax returns. Although it does have a reasonable learning curve, it can be seamlessly integrated to the ecommerce platform.


10. Smile 

Customer retention makes a significant difference to revenue generation. And this is what Smile helps do with its loyalty program. Businesses leverage this ecommerce website development can provide points-based programmes, tiered VIP programmes or referral bonuses to customers to optimize single sales and convert them into repeat orders.


11. Oberlo

Oberlo has fast become a preferred and dependable drop shipping partner for many businesses who prefer to run their business with minimal inventory. Drop shipping enables businesses to sell a product listed on their store, directly from the supplier, without having to manage storage for it. 


12. Olark

This ecommerce website development tool offers a live chat facility to support visitors to your ecommerce store and allows instant engagement with customers, gathering feedback and ensure immediate sales by adding the widget to the website.


13. Aftership

Aftership is an ecommerce web development tool helps businesses track shipments and notify customers on the status of their order. Updates can be sent automatically to customers over SMS or email, and also ask customers to your website and drive further engagement. These constant updates leave a very good impression on customers. 


14. Google Merchant Center

This tool allows businesses to upload their products to Google Shopping and drive more traffic to their online store, to increase visibility to thousands of shoppers who search for products on any Google service, and will also be reviewed by Google Shopping faster. 


15. Square Payments

Square is a tool that allows online stores to accept all types of payments over a quick and secure environment. Businesses can accept payments over a desktop, phone, or tablet. And also has an app that provides access to sales data in real time.


If you are looking for ecommerce development services to build a custom ecommerce website and drive sales for your business, contact the experts at Smart Sight Innovations. Our team has proven expertise in building world class solutions for renowned brands. 

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