5 Reasons How Custom CRM Boosts Productivity

Some of the popular standard CRM packages include a host of features like multi-channel connect, performance and analytics, process management, sales automation, marketing automation, pipeline management and team collaboration with customization facility. The number of features and options can, at times, prove to be confusing and time wasting for enterprises that have specific goals in using CRM. This is where customized CRM can help boost productivity.

Reduce cluttered options

Standard CRM offers a lot of options by way of customizable fields and checkboxes that can create clutter and confusion. Customized CRM from a specialist CRM software development company brings the benefit of only including fields and checkboxes that are of actual use. This means employees using the CRM can CRMk faster and do more in less time. It is the same with data where custom CRM development can incorporate features that will automatically capture data from mobile, email and other communications. This saves time and effort and lets sales and marketing focus more on leads and conversions.

Custom modules

Users of CRM vary and some may be in healthcare while others may be in sales or in education. Custom CRM modules designed specifically for each category will help such clients avoid the necessity of having to create modules since the CRM developer will take into account the client’s business model and will create a compact module with all the fields created and ready to use. Employees do not need to waste time or create conflicting data fields and access to such data also becomes easier.

Sales and marketing convergence

CRMs tend to separate sales and marketing channels. Custom CRM development by experts could help introduce convergence that improves processes such as lead follow up, engage with customers, improve communications between the company and clients as well as between sales and marketing teams for greater transparency. Automating marketing leads to higher percentage of lead generation, follow up with contacts and communication that can transform into sales at which point the sales team can take over in a seamless fashion. The cycle goes round and with such convergence, it is easy to track lead scores, nurture leads and convert them with ease.

Feedbacks and performance analytics

Customers do leave feedback and this can be invaluable for performance improvements provided such feedback streams feed analytics tools that will help pinpoint lacunae and remove deficiencies, which is possible in a custom CRM that does it all with a few clicks instead of a lengthy process. This goes hand in hand with marketing automation that tracks campaigns and searches engine marketing spends in order to know which strategy is working and thus get optimum ROIs. Customized analytics can also give focused insights that help specific businesses recognize customer needs in time and avoid dissatisfaction.


Cloud-hosted deployment is the way to go when one opts for customized CRM solutions. Of the several advantages, one feature that helps maximize productivity and give measurable outputs is that any employee located anywhere can simply log into the account using his mobile device and access records that will help him address customer issues or carry out any sales or customer service tasks.

Smartsight Innovations offers custom CRM solutions designed to help companies boost productivity.

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