Different Types of Things You Do With AngularJS Development

AngularJS is an open-source framework developed by the team at Google. While the framework was originally built to support the quick development of single page applications, It is also widely used to build interactive website elements.


The language prioritizes the quality of code quality and ease of testing, which has made it popular among developers who prefer this over other frameworks. Many of the widely accessed websites and application services around the world have been built using AngularJS. These include Amazon, SnapChat, Netflix, PayPal and Gmail. 


This backbone of this JavaScript based framework uses HTML and exceeds other typically used languages in many aspects when it comes to building dynamic web applications as well.


We look at some of the types of applications that can be built using this adaptable framework.


1. Mobile Apps

The easy availability of affordable smartphones around the world, especially over the last decade, has led to a surge in mobile application development. AngularJS application development has also increased exponentially during this period because it helps AngularJS development companies build mobile and web apps. For developers, it’s as easy as installing MongoDB and NodeJs and using a set of modules and REST services to build a mobile app.


2. Single Page Applications 

AngularJS development service providers use this versatile language to build large-scale applications. The platform has in-built validators and regulations that hasten the development of such applications with wide functionalities. Developers and AngularJS application development vendors can build their own validators to suit specific requirements. It also offers smooth controls and error rectification.


3. Extensions

Extensions, especially for Google Chrome are built using an extension generator. AngularJS also contributes significantly in this area by using the ng-CSP directive with an ng-app. AngularJS development services then typically add content scripts and background pages to bind the APIs and present the extension in its final version.


4. Simple Web Applications

AngularJS development companies, in the U.S. and elsewhere, have built web apps with minimum effort using AngularJS directives, components and resources. Data from such web apps help vendors carry out effective CRUD operations too.


5. Apps Based on Firebase

Firebase has brought a whole new perspective to mobile development ever since its introduction.  Using AngularJS and Firebase in tandem has led to a separate backend service called AngularFire which enables two-way binding on both the client and server sides. AngularJS development service providers can build web and mobile apps with ease using these latest updates. Some of the best AngularJS web development companies in usa have used these to create real-time chat applications and chatbots that are used by millions of users around the world.


6. Animations

AngularJS has a good set of directives. You can create animations and style them using ng-style. You can use the ng-app, ng-animate and ng-style directives to create wonderful animations. The CSS3 functionality in AngularJS helps developers execute some exceptional and eye-catching animations.


7. JS Apps 

AngularJS helps carry out easy testing by offering powerful test scripts and modules. Karma, a task runner to run tests, and Jasmine – a behavior-driven development framework are widely in use in the testing of AngularJS applications. These modules are typically set up with Angular CLI, are free of any dependencies and do not require a DOM.


8. Real-Time Testing:

AngularJS allows for end-to-end as well as unit testing. Other functionalities such as dependency injections are used to check important components of a web application. The rigorous testing features of AngularJS help remove any dependencies and makes it easier to highlight errors followed by the required debugging procedures. The language offers wide features which negate the need for developers to depend on third-party platforms and tools to build and execute their applications. This also helps save time by avoiding jumping between multiple platforms.

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