Here’re Factors That Make Mobile Apps A Crucial Part For Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant AppGone are the days when only big names were able to afford apps. Now, midsize, small, and startups dominate app stores. The mobile strategy cannot be ignored anymore, as apps have managed to influence everyone’s eating habits.

The food sector is one of the most competitive ones. It has been dramatically affected due to the use of technology. These days, even a small eatery can offer better meals with great deals to lure customers and get online orders for food deliveries. 

Mobile Applications Brought New Business Opportunities 

Smartphone apps have proved to be a lifesaver for restaurants in developed as well as developing nations. 

App-based food delivery has become a crucial part of every restaurant’s business plan. Food chains are getting rid of the walls on the premises to make way for more delivery vehicles. 

Anyone with a smartphone can select a hotel, browse their menu, and place orders without even interacting with anyone at the restaurant. 

Restaurants rely on their app as well as other food delivery applications like UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, DoorDash, etc. For some eating places in India, the volume of online orders is such that at times the management ends up turning off the app and stops accepting new orders until it clears the backlog. 

Studies have pointed out that this new business model does not cause any drop in the percentage of dine-in consumers. It adds new customers who perhaps wish to eat inside the comfort of their house. Put simply; restaurants are attracting a new type of crowd, individuals who do not have time to sit down and eat or wait for the table. 

Small restaurants as well as fast-food chains record as much as 25 to 30 percent increase in business after introducing app or opening up to other food delivery companies. 

Equal Emphasis On Food Delivery 

With a drastic increase in food delivery orders, several large restaurants chains are modifying their expansion plans. Earlier, expansion meant signing a new lease, spending millions on the interiors, and waiting for a year or more before it opens. On the other hand, the new low-cost model does not require large dining areas; even ghost kitchens can do. In house and external food delivery apps do the trick. 

In India, eateries and cafes have particular areas demarcated for representatives from food delivery companies. 

Taking Mobile Apps In Your Own Hands 

Restaurants can take app development and maintenance in their own hands or rely on third parties for orders. No doubt, set up cost and other charges do require funds, but the investment can be precious on a long-term basis. 

Besides, entirely relying on third parties can be risky, especially when these companies are slowly setting up their ghost kitchens to serve customers directly. 

Restaurant’s own app allows seamless integration with other ERP systems for better order management. Controlling customer experience, loyalty, and marketing programs remain easy. It can prove to be a complete game-changer for small restaurant chains. 

Restaurants that do not wish to depend on third-party food-delivery startups do not require their fleet of vehicles and delivery guys. They can easily outsource deliveries to third-party logistics companies.

Offers Better Visibility 

Average smartphone user spends at least two hours using the device daily. It may not be possible for a restaurant to quickly reach the top spot and urge users to open the app daily. However, studies have pointed out that even appearing in the list of user’s menu of applications can ensure the name of the restaurant gets noticed. 

The Best Tool For Direct Marketing 

Smartphone applications help in sharing the updated menu, prices, table booking charts for the day, and of course, letting customers place orders for door-step delivery of food. 

Loyalty Programs Can Get A Better Response With Apps

Small and large brands use their app for directly sending coupons and discount codes to their customers. Loyalty program adoption level can be doubled if it is integrated with the app. Customers end up spending more on eating. They keep the app installed, and return with more orders. The cost incurred on such programs is lesser in comparison to the money spent on acquiring new customers with digital marketing campaigns. Plus, applications help in gathering data to offer personalized experience by providing discount offers for precisely what they prefer to eat at the selected price point. 

Offer Better Incentives 

For capturing customers in the crowded markets, restaurants need to learn the art of swaying the on-the-fence diners who keep away from ordering due to the cost factor. Offering discounts via apps is a great way. 

Fast-food chains offer special discounts of up to 40 percent to customers who reserve tables during non-peak hours using the restaurant app. 

Better Customer Experience 

Apps help in considerably reducing waiting time and lines on the premises. Customers pay in advance and can also pick up their orders from the selected outlet without waiting. It increases the overall efficiency of the eating place. Customers get an overall better experience.  

Fast food chains with apps do not have to dedicate resources for operating mini call centers to take orders via phone calls. They can use these funds towards serving the dining area better and faster. Guests place their orders, and this reduces the chances of human errors.

Even biggies like Starbucks, Subway, Domino’s, and Mc Donald’s have seen improved efficiency in their in-store operations.

Encash The Opportunity

Food aggregators often report geographical gaps in restaurant supply in various cities. Perhaps, this can prove to be the best time for going digital. 

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